So we’re currently looking after three founders, and we can’t find any of them every single enclosure we’ve come, and called them, and I don’t know I think they’re enjoying the Sun. Because there’s blue skies today. So they just don’t want to come inside today the thing is we need them to get inside. So we can go in there clean their enclosure, and put some bamboo in there for them. So they’re not coming, and they are nowhere to be seen no one can resist the panda bred here he comes after calling in for our it just shows how big their enclosures are I know just to just disappear yes breakfast well it’s clean in there please don’t mess it up magic he puts the panda Breton, and runs back out morning now you might be wondering where the fourth panderers which we were looking after yesterday the really pregnant wonder well she’s now. So far along in a pregnancy that they actually had to move her to the pregnancy kind of enclosure area which unfortunately no one can go in there. Because nan Selassie or be near the pandas when they’re ready to give birth Hey guys we are off on our way to work, and it is our last day here at the Panda project I am so upset it well it’s not a grippers work i know we fly her into her. But it was such a cool volunteer project oh my gosh, I’m obsessed with it I wish I could stay another week I loved it. But it is now time to go pick up some panda poop, and um be some a billion times a date do you even deserve your Panther bread this morning you were naughty how we actually explain why you have to whack bamboo I think it’s. Because like it’s too thick, and they can peel it back I wouldn’t eat it in the while. But this place is bought once bamboos. So they can’t just let it go to waste yeah that’s a wacky it’s like making it into string cheese Steven you got way too much anger built up to need help he’s reflecting what was the pause for all righty buddy see you now for your next meal hopefully you’ve gone through all that by the time we get back have you gone through an Intendant what are you sniffing we just went in grabbed a coffee in between feedings, and Steve, and I were talking I guess. Because it’s like our last day.


So we’ve been reminiscing on the week, and what we thought of the whole experience, and stuff, and this volunteer project is definitely one of the best ones we have ever done we love the fact house first of all we’re at a country where it’s so different to what we’re used to, and then we had a chance to experience the place while I experienced the city before going to the volunteer project we get to the volunteer project we’re working with one of the most like incredible animals in the world being able to feed them, and get. So close to them, and then on top of that we’re then going, and like hiking at temples, and hiking at waterfalls, and learning how to write in Chinese calligraphy like how awesome is that we did so much this week and, I’m really sad it’s ending I don’t want to end I want to like keep exploring more of China mm-hmm whoa too much it’s the vitamin E nice one sorry pandas you need your medicine this is what your mum did to you any little probably mine did.

But they were sleeping tablets okay, I’m kidding you paused off in breakfast hi that’s some food for you you can smell it this is what you were waiting for, and here’s the best beer, and the award for the comfiest chair like really it looks. So so bejeweled are we looking at an instrument rocks we’re pimpin up this is the first time we have seen blue skies since arriving in China there’s only one thing we need that will top this day off we’re gonna get tears Ezell Cook has giant ones or there’s these ones these two okay oh my goodness, I’m so excited guys this is probably one of the last times that we’re going to be feeding the giant pandas, and also could be the last time that we get. So close credible animals are just going to save them moment enjoy, I’m going to go inside for your food got an itch that just has to be scratched no that’s not where the food is come on what’s wrong today you’re right you’re gonna miss us is that why you said all right bye-bye it’s been fun looking after you even though you’re lazy, and don’t want your food yeah guys that is the end of our time here at the giant panda Center it has been so much fun. But we have to go hand in our uniforms our VIP card we get given a volunteer certificate. So, I’m pretty excited for that yeah it’s been a really good week thank you yeah oh this is awesome thank you so much know that looks like our panda that’s Ricky thanks for your hard work in love with the giant pandas he it’s our last dinner I know you guys are probably sick of all this food.

But we are loving everything okay guys that concludes our time here at the giant panda center, and also this entire trip which has been incredible, I’m so glad it was organized. So late notice it was all worth it. But if you guys want any information on this project or you’re thinking of volunteering whenever we do a volunteer project we leave the information below. So you can look into it costs what you need to do all that stuff. So check it out tell us below out of the four projects we did over the last three weeks which was your favorite, and which was your favorite animal. But thanks so much for reading guys I will see you tomorrow night.

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