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%name Taipei Map and Travel Guide

Taipei – Yehliu Geopark

I am a big fan of Taipei. I think it’s wonderful. But I also love nature. And today I’ve come out to Yehliu Geopark, a nature lovers paradise. This is one of the few places in the world that has these sandstone formations. And that’s why so many tourists come here to check it out. It’s very, very unique, taipei map and travel guide and definitely one of the jewels of Taiwan. It’s really quite astonishing what nature can put together. The Queen’s Head Rock right behind me was created by erosion. And it looks exactly like Queen Elizabeth II. That little head you see in all those British coins? Right there, here in Taiwan. Pretty cool. Dancing with the Queen. It’s a good escape from a little bit of the hustle and bustle of Taipei. You come out here, check out the rocks. You listen to nature. It’s perfect.

%name Taipei Map and Travel Guide

Taipei Chiufen Village and Northeast Coast Half-Day Tour

Hey, get ready for some fun because today I’m going on a Chiufen Northeast Coast Half Day Sightseeing Tour. Taipei map and travel guide Let’s go. There’s a lot of beautiful stuff to look at on this drive. I just go out at the Nanya region. It’s beautiful coastline and there’s this crazy rock behind me. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and it has all these formations from years and years of erosion of wind and water. Woo! I love Taiwan! I’ve jumped out of the vehicle once more. I hear there’s an amazing view all the way up the top of this.

%name Taipei Map and Travel Guide

Let’s go. This is a beautiful coastline. There’s a village, clinging to the cliffs. The clouds are rolling down. You can see fishermen and fishing boats. It’s about as green as I’ve ever seen anything in my life. This place is the epitome of quaint. What I love most about Taiwan is that there’s life on the streets. There’s so much going on. People are cooking food right before your eyes. They’re selling things, there’s bright lights. It’s just so alive here. It looks like a cute little froggie thing, but really it’s a flute. There’s a big crowd here and that means I think they’re making some tasty food. Peanut, ice cream in a spring roll thing. It’s good. It’s really good. When you’re done walking through the market, you’re treated to this amazing view. Even though it’s misty and raining, I still think it’s pretty beautiful. It’s been a really fun day. Got to see some beautiful scenery, got to check out a fun market, and now I’m going to end it off with a warm glass of tea.

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