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Another EVP, identified by Matt, was recorded in Dressing Room #4. It is a very clear, loud, “yes.”

Perhaps the most surprising EVP occurred in the corridor outside of the lower balcony. The sound was heard shortly before my audio recorder’s battery died. It was music, just as we thought. But even more, a single word was mixed in with the music. We believe it says, “Carousel.”

There was a popular Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein musical called Carousel. Wendi Fournier did confirm that the production Carousel was performed at the Whiting sometime back in the mid-1970s or 1980s. Perhaps some event occurred during the performance that caused a residual energy to be embedded in the outer corridor. This residual energy now repeats itself again and again.
Nearly all of Haiti, however, falls within the Wet Taipei Map -Dry Tropical climate zone. During the high-sun (summer) season, conditions are Taipei Map hot, wet, and very humid; during the low-sun period (winter), very little rain falls and much of the land becomes parched. Small parts of the country receive only about 20 inches (51 centimeters) of rainfall annually. Such places are semiarid. Scrub vegetation dominates the landscape, and crops must be irrigated. Because much of Haiti is rugged mountainous terrain, temperatures vary with elevation.

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