Hi, I’m Jeff, I’m Stephen, and we’re flying the nest, and for the last three years we’ve been traveling, and posting adventures around the world.

So if you are new here make sure you hit comment. So Israel is one of the most unique, and fascinating countries we have ever been to. Because before we left to go on our trip to Israel all our friends family members dentists doctors said what are you doing why are you going to that country it is so unbelievably unsafe, and looking online we actually couldn’t find much content on Israel everyone was saying you just should not visit this country. So we decided to put together this post showcasing our top ten favorite places, and experiences to do in Israel. So if someone tells you you shouldn’t visit this country truth the most this post. Because it is unbelievably incredible, and one of our favorite places to visit.

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So starting off with number ten is a West Bank now for this one we recommend using a guided tour, and that way you can understand the conflict better now if your interest in our back seat came down in 2005, and put some absolutely incredible, and eye-opening artwork in the area you also decided to put a hotel up there, and you can go stay a night there it has the best view in the world of the separation wall this is so much meaning behind everything. So we did the tour with Abraham – is on the same tour you also get to go to the banks of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. So interesting as well you get to go to Jericho which is the oldest city in the world it’s about 10,000 years old, and also it’s the lowest city in the world about 1300 feet below sea level. Because we’re so low they was saying if you come here in summer they say don’t come here and. So because it can get between 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. So coming up with nama 9 is try all the food in Israel this country is pretty much a melting pot of all different cultures there’s so much incredible stuff that they’ve taken from different places, and merge it into their own cuisine it is so delicious we recommend trying hummus falafels to shuka that was amazing for breakfast try fried halloumi, and the use rarely salads, and then the feed I think it’s caught it’s just really only at pastry there’s so much stuff to try, and if you’ve been to Israeli from Israel let us know your favorites below. Because, I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of other stuff there yes they have salad for breakfast this is good baba ghanoush number eight hiking Masada at sunrise we totally recommend the early wake up call get there at 4:00 a.m. and hike to the top Hey guys it is currently 5 a.m. we just spent a couple of hours driving out to an area called Masada, and it is known for it’s amazing sunrises overlooking the Dead Sea, and his ancient fortress was built in 30 BC. So it’s pretty historical as well that was a hard hike why are we not fit yet yes.

But the Sun is just starting to peak over, and it’s a very beautiful sunrise. So number seven is if you’re staying in Tel Aviv head down to old Jaffa City that’s actually where Tel Aviv grew out of if you know the biblical stories have Jonah in a whale is very significant place. So the old city of Jaffa is made up of a lot of windy alleyways where you can find a lot of arts, and crafts stores antiques if you’re looking for some unique gifts to take home for your family you definitely go check this place out we recommend heading down there at sunset. Because that’s where the city turns orange, and it’s such a beautiful time of day welcome back number six dive in the Red Sea a lap is the perfect place if you love diving just like us it is full of coral beautiful fish, and crystal-clear waters. So it’s quite unique when you’re in the south of Israel in a light you can see for country just from the one spot. So this is Israel Jordan that is Saudi Arabia just behind it is Egypt. So number five when you’re done in a lab head one, and a half hours north to soak in there you can stay in the mud huts which were made of by hand we actually got the opportunity to volunteer there for a week, and we helped to construct the buildings.

But if you don’t have enough time of course you can just go down there, and stay in the accommodation, and I recommend also going for hikes around the area, and there’s some beautiful mountains it’s a perfect place to see the sunset it’s just a really beautiful area in Israel also while you’re on your hike you can try find some shark bones. Because it used to be underwater the area appreciate so much that we here we’re walking in the middle east in the middle of the Israeli desert what are we doing. So number four, and hear me out with this one you can use Israel as a base to explore other Middle Eastern countries which we personally did not know till we got there you can spend about ten days in Israel. But if you want to extend your time you can do two or three day trips to Jordan to go see the lost city of Petra or go, and see the pyramids of Egypt in the West there’s a really good base to have you want to be in a safe country to use as a spot to then go, and explore other countries this is where they post Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, and they blow it up it was really cool really incredible venue 3 place of Jesus now the Nativity church is quite a popular spot for Christians as it is believed that this is where Jesus was born now when we visit an issue we’ve quite the story. So what happened was I recommend when you go make sure you cover your legs. Because I didn’t expect that I’ve never been to a Christian Church where you can’t wear shorts. So I was in shock, and someone told me I needed to cover my legs, and I had nothing.

So I thought I wasn’t going to grab it, and talk. But. Because Jess decided to not wear appropriate yeah she lent me this to work, and his old man came up to me, and he had this old Baptist top that’s this really long t-shirt that you wear when you’re becoming baptized. So he was like borrow this it’ll cover your legs, and you can enjoy the chair size up thank you so much popped it on when in the church now we were either to a group, and I got separated, and then suddenly I don’t know where I was being taken by a priest or a rabbi taken. Because he thought that I’ve entered to get baptized. Because I was in the full-on baptism outfit, and he was speaking Hebrew he couldn’t understand Jess, and just couldn’t understand him it interrupt me almost think that times. But then that didn’t happen.

But I got back with my to a group thought yeah it was a quite an interesting visit even if you have no interest in the biblical stories this is such a historic place in history it is well worth visiting the vicinity Church in Bethlehem no you have to go in here borrow this, I’m like thank you. So number two is an experience where, I’m pretty sure we broke out in giggles you can’t even explain the feeling. So number two is floating in the Dead Sea, and honestly you have to experience it I don’t think anyone can put into words what dearly yeah you might not be under swim or like think it’s so it it has to be experienced in person also the Dead Sea which is the lowest point in earth is rich with minerals to me to take mud, and lather it all over your body. Because it’s going to be such a good day spa care for you, and elephants emod is really expensive. So while you’re there make sure you take full advantage , and number one did a little bit you have to go, and explore the old city of Jerusalem it is one of the most unique places we have ever been to. So there are multiple religions taking up different quarters in the old city you can walk in through one entrance, and be in the Muslim Quarter take a left, and during the Jewish take a Riker in the Christian quarter. So it’s so interesting just to walk around as a cultural perspective.

So there are so many interesting places to visit in the old city of Jerusalem of course the Dome of the rock is there including the Wailing Wall which we went to during Valentine’s Day. So that was so interesting scene. Because there were hundreds of Jewish people coming down to the wall another major one is the holy separable Church now this is believed by Christians where Jesus was actually crucified. So this is where the cross was placed where Jesus was crucified. So you can see where the cross was placed including Jesus’s final resting place it is so interesting to go in there, and the architecture itself is just fascinating the Sun is set.

So all the marketplaces are shut up it’s actually quite a beautiful time to be walking around Jerusalem there’s all the tools at left everyone’s kind of closed off, and it’s like a good point. So hard these posts can boost you that you need to go to Israel now there’s so many other exciting things to do that if you’ve been, and we didn’t mention anything make sure you tell us below, and we’d love this post to become a little community club where everyone’s recommending different places to go by the way the best hummus shop is now if you do enjoy this post make sure you give it a thumbs up, and hit comment if you’re new around yeah.

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