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T-REX HUNTING Alberta Canada

Hey guys. So today we are visiting the Royal Tyrell here in Drumheller Alberta to go look at some dinosaurs, what else? We are doing something awesome today. We are going to go look for some dinosaur bones. Right Alex? Yes, I am so excited. I’m so excited. Dinosaurs bones. We are going to be like real Paleontologists, but not really because we are not actually not allowed to dig for bones because its all like protected and there are a bunch of laws from the government and we don’t want to get fined or stuff like that. But we are going to find them right? Aha. We will find some. And pretending. How is the prospect going Alex?

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Good.Bones for planning a dinosaur. I am going to build my own dinosaur. You see with turtle DNA, I’m just saying. Better watch out San Francisco. There is a lot of iron stone here. Do you see any fossils? No. Lets go to a different area. Dinosaurs, oh dinosaurs, where are you dino bones? I can sense you. What is this. Alright guys, see this? Now look. Alright. I guess we found some. It has some bubbles and stuff. Dinosaurs, I think I found a dinosaur bone. So here we have our fossils. Not bad, not bad. Seventy two million year old late crutaisous period fossils and now I am touching them. Pretty awesome.

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