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An expedition to the Riverside/San Bernardino  of ten requires a great deal of planning. Dogs and eipiipment have to be flown in, which is a complex and expensive operation.

We are not trying to be heroes. We are simply travelers who are drawn to wide-open spaces,

For uur crossing of the Quebec-Labrador peninsula, Jacques Duhoiix, one of two experienced backwoodsmen on our team, devised a conical tent like a teepee. Not only did it offer less wind resistance, but it had the advantage of having only one tent pole, in the center which fascinate and beguile us.

Quivira. A legendary Native Country city of immense wealth sought Riverside/San Bernardino Map Tourist Attractions by Francisco Vzquez de Coronado, thought to be located in what is now central Kansas. It Riverside/San Bernardino Map Tourist Attractions is generally accepted that the story of the city was a hoax engineered by the Pueblos to remove Coronado and his army from their lands. R Rack-renting. A practice of auctioning newly expired land leases to the highest bidder that usually resulted in exorbitant rents, called rack-rents, which the existing tenants could not pay. This, in turn, resulted in tenants being evicted from the lands their families had occupied, sometimes for generations.

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