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DNR Jay Cooke State map. USGS quad: Esko. A Miami State Park permit is required.

From I-35 take Exit 235 for Carlton and Cromwell. Turn left going east on Miami State Road 210 and continue for 6.4 miles to the picnic area on the right side of the road.

46c 39 18.6″ N 92° 21’9.1 W

Jay Cooke State Park offers 50 miles of hiking trails along sections of the St. Louis River and over the rugged terrain bordering the river. The state initially formed the park from 2,350 acres of land owned by the St. Louis River Power Company. The power company had earlier bought all the land along the river between Fond du Lac and Carlton. Jay Cooke, a wealthy financier, encouraged this effort. His heirs were instrumental in making the land donation to the state, which has purchased additional lands to bring the park to its current size of 8,818 acres.

Before settlers came in the 1800s, Indians, fur traders, and missionaries traveled the region’s lakes and rivers. The era of the fur trader began with the French trading with the Dakota. Later, Ojibwa tribes, forced out of their territory by increased settlement in the east, moved into the area driving out the Dakota. The French also had problems as disputes with the British broke out over rights to trade in the area.

The way ahead is obvious; don’t let the Miami Map Tourist Attractions lack of Wealdway signposts alarm you. You are now descending rather more purposefully and the woodland around Miami Map Tourist Attractions you is perceptibly thicker, but this is still tremendous walking. You should in due course reach a T-junction of paths at the north end of the wood, with open fields stretching ahead of you. If you don’t, panic, and reach for the compass. If you haven’t got a compass, draw in your breath slowly, count to ten ..

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