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Temples and pagodas lie along a lakeshore, whose inlets are Urumqi Map Tourist Attractions spanned by ornamental bridges and whose tranquil blue waters are dotted with water-lilies, swans Urumqi Map Tourist Attractions and a flotilla of small pleasure boats. All-powerful, the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan reigned two decades after the first great Mongol emperor, Ghengiz Khan, whose armies had conquered the lands from north China to the Crimea.

In those two decades the Mongol armies continued conquering westward through Hungary, Poland, and reached within a hundred miles of Berlin. Only the death of the army leader, Ghengiz’s son Ogotai, prevented them reaching France and England. Under Kublai Khan China prospered; the Silk Road re-opened and the empire flourished. Marco Polo’s arrival here was not the end of his journey, it was the beginning of seventeen years, travelling as an imperial emissary.

I begin by setting out aspects of the conditions in which culturally-led urban renewal arose. I then discuss examples of their outcomes, and whether there was evidence for their success in regenerating cities, or whether outcomes were more a matter of property development than the regeneration of local communities or economies. The question is familiar: are artists the vanguard of gentrification? Finally, I discuss a case of art against gentrification: the work of Park Fiction, an artist-squatter group in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, Germany. Perhaps, in the more brutal environment of urban change post-crash, resistant and activist art will begin to reclaim something of the radicalism and autonomy of earlier avant-gardes, but will do so in new, more theorized as well as socially-grounded ways.

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