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Irving; Texas

Scottsdale; Arizona

North Las Vegas; Nevada

Fremont; California

Gilbert town, Arizona

San Bernardino; California

Boise; Idaho

Birmingham; Alabama

Mari pointed to the upstairs loft. “That’s were I see them.” Referring, of course, to apparitions of the sightless Victorian woman and children.

Bev and I glanced upward. “Do you see them now,” I asked.

She shook her head, “No. Not now.”

Mari led the group through the first floor. It was comfortably homey. Accompanying us on this little tour were their five family cats. Three of them were very social and certainly did love attention! When they weren’t rubbing against each other and purring, they were rubbing against us asking for scratches and strokes. We made sure they had plenty of both.

Next, Mari took us to the second level where the loft and bedrooms were located. The loft was of particular interest since this was the area where she had seen the Victorian woman and children. Right now, however, it was just a sitting room. Nothing unusual.

A little further down, Barclays Bank was a stationer’ Best US family vacations s in Miss Mapp’s world. On the opposite side of the street, The George Best US family vacations became the fictional King’s Arms, number 97 was Twistevant’s the greengrocer, number 99 Twemlow’s the grocer, and number 100 was Worthington’s the butcher. You will see more of the world of Mapp and Lucia later on along the way. The Martello Bookshop is a wholly appropriate place to start a literary walk; although it stocks chiefly new books it is a deliciously old-fashioned shop with an excellent range of books written by authors associated with Rye. When I visited it had a fine E. F.

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