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One of the first national parks to be designated as such in 1951, this one comes in two colours: dark and white. The northern (dark) peak is muddy and peaty, whereas the southern (white) peak is rocky. Just like chocolate, there are those who prefer the dark to white, and vice versa. Unlike chocolates, neither has a particularly soft centre.

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Britain’s only truly coastal national park. The designated park area follows the coastline, so bluffers who casually drop into conversation that its widest point is 16km (10 miles) and its narrowest a mere 100m (328ft) will be held in high esteem by their audience.


The big brother of Welsh national parks, Snowdonia is home to the tallest mountain in England and Wales (Snowdon), and Wales’ largest natural lake (Llyn Tegid). Real hikers always avoid taking the

train to the summit of Snowdon, and instead speak of the ‘Snowdon Horseshoe’, a seven-hour ordeal to be avoided by those afraid of heights.


The latest national park baby, born on 1 April 2011, it gives Londoners a national park they can get to in a day – assuming the M25 isn’t gridlocked for more than five hours, of course.

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