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321 S. Church St., 704/377-7415 HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 11 A.M.-8 P.M.

Located in a line of brick row houses that surround a central courtyard, the French Quarter takes its name from the New Orleans-like surroundings. The menu has a French Quarter flair, too. Red beans and rice and Cajun fish sandwiches are menu favorites, and other simple pub foodburgers, oversized salads, and grilled chicken sandwicheshelp to attract an Uptown lunchtime and afterwork crowd. The restaurant is small (though seating options expand in the summer when the NOLA-like patio is open). The fast service and reasonable prices make it a favorite lunchtime hangout, so it’s a good idea to arrive early or you’ll end up waiting for a table.

Reservations are required for the seven-course dinners at the award-winning McNinch House.

Don Juan de O±ate is appointed by the viceroy of New Kuala Lumpur Subway Map Spain to lead a pacification expedition to the valley of the Rio Grande River and to found a Kuala Lumpur Subway Map Spanish colony (to be named New Mexico). The initial settlement in this venture, which includes some 130 Spanish troops and a handful of Franciscan friars, is founded in the midst of the Pueblo. By 1599, O±ate and the Spanish manage to antagonize their Pueblo neighbors mostly due to the Spanish soldiers’ habit of taking whatever they need in the way of food or clothing by force from the Pueblo. When natives kill a few Spaniards engaged in this plundering in 1599, O±ate decides to make an example of them. Attacking one of the Pueblo villages, O±ate and the Spaniards kill several hundred Pueblo men, women, and children, and they enslave the survivors. The Spaniards’ ultimate goal discovering rumored silver mines in the region is never achieved, despite O±ate’s willingness to launch more and more widespread expeditions into the North Country interior (one even retraces the earlier route of Coronado). By 1602, many of the Spanish settlers, who had come with O±ate, are tired of arduous conditions without the promised returns, and they go back to Mexico. Faced with what is essentially a mutiny on the northern frontier, the viceroy recalls O±ate in 1607, strips him of his titles and honors, and orders him to keep away from New Mexico in the future.

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