Mexico City

On weekends day-trippers form lines several blocks long going into and coming from Tijuana and other border towns. As recently as 1920 Tijuana was a small town, and... Read more


Aficionados of Mexico proclaim it to be the destination to end all destinations: a land of contrasts and wonder, offering beaches, mountains and fascinating Indian ruins inexpensive, colorful... Read more

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The bullfights are a major pan of the Mexican entertainment scene, part sport, part ritual, a place to vent primitive passions. For some the bullfight is an art-form;... Read more

Mexico City Vacations

Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-cah), the farthest south most North Americans go in Mexico, has been called a “Mexican Classic,” an Indian city, with another massive ruin, Monte Alban. The... Read more

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Politically, Mexico comprises thirty-one states plus the federal district. Population is about seventy million and growing fast. (Only forty years ago the population was about thirty-five million.) Geographically... Read more

Mexico City Map

As in the U.S. there are plenty of ambulance-chasing lawyers who, when an accident occurs, are on hand to extract the maximum amount possible from the tourist. Some... Read more

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Special auto insurance is a must. Without it the traveler may find himself in jail if involved in an accident, guilty or not. Even with the insurance the... Read more

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TRAVEL BY ROAD Mexico has several top-notch highways, especially those around and radiating from Mexico City. Altogether Mexico has a network of 125,000 miles of paved roads. A... Read more