Mexico City Vacations

Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-cah), the farthest south most North Americans go in Mexico, has been called a Mexican Classic, an Indian city, with another massive ruin, Monte Alban. The ruins, once a community center for perhaps fifty thousand people, overlook Oaxaca.

San Miguel de Allende, another tourist town, is an art center in the mountains east of Mexico City on the road to Guanajuato, the old silver-mining center.

Fonatur, the government tourism development agency, is developing another resort area south of Acapulco, Escondido. As yet there are no good roads or airport in the area. In Baja California, Loreto, on the Gulf of Cortez, has one El Presidente Hotel, one of the twenty-five-unit chain of hotels operated by the Mexican government. Loreto is about halfway down Baja, and is served by Aeromexico, the government-owned airline. Loreto is scheduled for further development by Fonatur.

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