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NOTE: This walk is much more rewarding in the winter Accra Metro Map months, when there will be more bird life and fewer people. REFRESHMENTS: Old House At Accra Metro Map Home at West Wittering, Harbour Chalet cafe on the second half of the walk beyond East Head. This walk has something for all the family. Adults will enjoy the splendid scenery of Ella Nore and East Head and interesting architecture in the form of St Peter’s Church, West Wittering. Children will enjoy the proximity of the sea and the sands, and watching the crashing of the waves and the activity of the surfers. All the family will appreciate the wildlife, particularly the vast numbers of birds that congregate on the shores.

Cell representing an old dentist office.

Of course, not all cells had undergone a makeover. Many remained untouched. Graffiti carved on the walls were a clear reminder of past inmates.

From here Laura Ann brought us to the third floor. This floor held women prisoners and the area designated as solitary confinement. One was particularly foreboding. It was the prison’s designated isolation cell called “the hole.” The hole held prisoners who were considered uncontrollable, either extremely violent or insane. We heard this cell was once padded. The padding, however, has long gone, and all that remains are brick walls and a heavy, solid door with a single peephole in the center.

Cells on the third floor.

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