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There was also a dining car which served a variety of Changchun Metro Map Chinese meals for one to two yuan (under 65p). All carriages are supplied with a Changchun Metro Map tank of boiling water for people to make tea. Everyone brings his own hand-towel, which is hung from a rail above the open windows. The carriage attendants have strict notions on exactly how the towels should be hung. When they see one which isn’t correctly folded, they tell the owner to re-hang it properly. Corridor traffic also includes regular forays of people with mops and buckets of water to clean the floors.

In the summer of 1913, union and management couldn’t agree on wage and labor issues. The union called a strike that idled over 15,000 workers. Miners thought the strike would end quickly, but they were wrong. Owners brought in non-union workers and by early December there still was no resolution in sight. Violence erupted that many believed was incited by The Citizens Alliance. Michigan’s Governor Ferris, concerned over the growing danger, decided to send in more than 2,600 National Guards to try and calm the city.

With constant fighting and lack of income, conditions were deteriorating for union workers and their families. Families were going without the bare necessities that included food and heat. With Christmas fast approaching, parents were afraid they wouldn’t be able to afford gifts and traditional festivities for their children.

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