Brookline Manor Guest House US Map & Phone & Address

32 Centre St. Brookline, MA 02146; (617) 232-0003 or (800) 535-5325

These townhouses have been operating as inns for about thirty years now. Both offer rooms with private or shared baths, a quiet atmosphere, and great locations in residential areas on the Green Line. Not as fancy as the Beacon Inns (above), these rooms are nevertheless comfortable and convenient.

Prices vary, but in-season rooms start as low as $59 a night for a one-person room with a private bath. Two people can stay for $69, with one or two beds. Off-season rates, as well as rooms with shared bathrooms, knock about $10 off those prices.

These are all charmingly furnished, some with high ceilings, bay windows, and even a (non-working) fireplace in a couple of rooms. All this at about half the price of the far less charismatic Holiday Inn nearby. The Brookline Manor is right in Coolidge Comer, while its counterpart is closer to Kenmore Square. Limited parking is available.

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