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As in the U.S. there are plenty of ambulance-chasing lawyers who, when an accident occurs, are on hand to extract the maximum amount possible from the tourist. Some old Mexican hands, persons who have lived in Mexico for some time, declare, If involved in an accident, don’t stop, and drive like hell. An extensive bus system also provides services throughout the country and to and from the United States. The buses are usually so crowded that not many North Americans take them.

In many small villages, some still not reachable by road, the natives speak only their Indian tongues. About one million of the sixty-eight million population are of pure Spanish descent. About half the rest are pure Indian, the remainder a mixture of Indian and Spanish.

History of Mexico: 15991609 Following the disappearance of the Puerto Rican sugar industry, Mexico City Map only a few thousand inhabitants (many freed slaves and blacks) raise open-range cattle and Mexico City Map farm for subsistence. Jamaica, still technically ruled by Columbus’s heirs, falls under the misrule of a series of petty tyrants. The Dutch, engaged in a long struggle against the Spanish in Europe, begin to flex their naval muscles in the Caribbean; they start to trade extensively in salt and tobacco, while at the same time raiding Spanish ships. By 1606, Spanish coastal shipping has stopped almost entirely as a result of Dutch depredations. 1621 The Dutch establish the Dutch West India Company in an effort to expand their role in the Caribbean and to weaken already deflated Spanish interest The company focuses intently on Brazil (taking it for a time in the 1630s and 1640s), while seeking to further damage Spanish shipping in the Caribbean. 1624 Sir Thomas Warner, with a force of less than twenty men, founds the first permanent British Caribbean colony at St. Kitts. After dispatching a group of hostile Caribs, Warner and his followers plant tobacco, which they later ship to London. As a reward, Warner is granted the position of governor of St. Kitts, Nevis, Barbados, and Montserrat.

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