Record Keeping Fishing

If you do any amount of fishing in Maine it will pay you to keep records. Although the Maine climate is unpredictable, it is still possible to establish general trends.

Include any pertinent information in your records, including type and numbers of fish taken, air and water temperatures, types of insects present, wind direction and speed, phase of the moon, and state of growth of local flora. This last bit of information can be particularly useful, because even though a wild cherry tree may not bloom on the same date each year, it will bloom when the temperature has been constant for a certain period of time. Sheep laurel, a wetland shrub with magenta-colored blossoms, is the author’s favorite indicator of the best time to fish for native brook trout. You can develop your own set of indicators.

There is no need to buy an expensive record book for this task. Simply pick up an extra wall calendar and jot your notes down after each fishing trip. Several year’s worth of calendars can be used to establish general patterns, thus making it easier for you to plan your trip for the best time for whatever species you seek.

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