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Created in 1939 Parque Nacional do Iguazu covers an area of 185,262 hectares and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. The Brazilian side of the falls offers visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the falls. The section of the park open to visitors mainly consists of one walking path that runs upriver past a series of smaller sections of the falls before arriving at the foot of the longest section of the waterfalls. An elevated walkway takes you to the foot of the falls where everyone crowds for photos (be prepared to protect both yourself and your camera from the spray). Here, the waters of the Iguazu River empty themselves along the seventy-two-meter precipice in a watery spectacle that can be hypnotizing. There are also options available for boat rides and rappelling though due to the exchange rate these activities are less expensive on the Argentine side. Tel: +45 35218383 (in Brazil),, Winter hours 9am-5pm, Summer hours 9am-6pm. Entrance fee: 37 Brazilian reals Getting There

In order to reach the Brazilian side of the falls by bus you must first make your way to the Foz do Iguazu bus terminal. There are several buses that make the trip between Ciudad del Este and Foz do Iguazu leaving approximately every twenty minutes during the day. However, keep in mind you will need to get off the bus at the border to be stamped out of Paraguay – make sure the driver will be willing to wait for you to pass immigration controls. Some may prefer to simply catch one of the many buses to Foz do Iguazu once past immigration. From the Foz do Iguazu bus terminal city bus number 120 Parque Nacional runs to the Brazilian park every twenty minutes and takes about forty minutes.

Taxis from the Ciudad del Este bus terminal to the Foz do Iguazu bus terminal are about Gs. 70,000 and to the Brazilian falls are Gs. 150,000.

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