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Special auto insurance is a must. Without it the traveler may find himself in jail if involved in an accident, guilty or not. Even with the insurance the writer’s experience in dealing with one Mexican travel insurance company was anything but satisfactory. In Mexico anyone involved in an accident is deemed guilty until proven otherwise. Comprehensive insurance coverage by a Mexican insurance company may mean repairs must be made within Mexico or reimbursement for repair costs done in the U.S. is based on what the repairs would have cost in Mexico.

Bizarre tales are told about shakedowns experienced by auto travelers in Mexico. On an icy road a car slips off the road and is impounded by the police. They refuse to release it until the owner pays a $500 fine for damaging the highway. A child runs onto a road and is hit by a car despite the driver’s efforts to avoid the child. The car driver is held until nearly all of his possessions are paid over to the police and to lawyers. A car stopped at an intersection is hit by another car coming from the opposite direction. The police arrive and instruct the innocent victim to follow the police car to the police station. The police roar off amidst a city’s congested area leaving the victim to speed after or be lost. This victim and his family were detained in the police station for four hours. Traffic violations are fined at a flexible rate depending on what the violator is believed to be able to pay.

History of Mexico: CAESAREA in Palestine I. Origins of Christianity – II. Archaeology. I. Origins of Christianity. Caesarea in Palestine, or Maritime Caesarea Kaisa,reia para,lioj, was the civil and religious metropolis of Romano- Byzantine Syria-Palestine. The immense excavated area, one of the most important in the state of Israel, extends along the Mediterranean shore H. Qeisari halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, N of Hadera. In 9 BC the ancient Tower of Strato was transformed into the Hellenistic city of Herod the Great, who named it Caesarea in honor of Augustus. Iudaeae caput, it was the residence of the Roman procurators from AD 6 to 66 and thus also of Pontius Pilate.

It was quickly touched by the apostolic preaching ca. 35 of the deacon Philip who settled there Acts 8:40; 21:8; there Peter baptized the centurion Cornelius and the first pagans in ca. 43 Acts 10:1-47; 11:11-17; cf. 12:11; Paul passed through in ca. 37 and ca. 52 and was imprisoned and tried there in 5860 Acts 2326. The first bishop known to us is Theophilus 135. Mexico Subway Map A century after him, Origen founded a famous school there. Later enlarged by Pamphilus, its students included Gregory Thaumaturgus and Eusebius, later bishop of the city and a historian attentive to events in his own country and to the martyrs of Caesarea Mart. Palaest. I, 2-5; III, 4; IV, 2-14; VI; VII, 7,12; VIII, 3-13; IX, 7; X, 3; XI, 29-30; HE, passim. Caesarea’s precedence in Palestine was sanctioned by canon 7 of Nicaea 325 and then integrated into the patriarchate of Jerusalem 451, under which the metropolis of Caesarea had jurisdiction over 28 suffragans Palestine Prima.

Other important personalities were Acacius, Procopius of Gaza and the other Procopius, Gelasius, John Grammaticus, and John Khozibita. The city’s slow decline was marked by the sack of the churches and massacre of the Christians by the Samaritans in 556, the Persian occupation 619, and the Arab invasion 638, during which the library was destroyed. PWK III, 1291-1294; DB 456-465; EC 3, 1347; DHGE 12, 206- 209; Beck 154, 197-198; LTK 2, 877; RGG4 2, 5-6; A. Frova – A. Negev, Missione archeologica milanese. Scavi di Cesarea marittima, Milan 1965; KLP III, 48-49; M. Avi-Yonah, Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land, I, London – Jerusalem 1975, 270-285; L.I. Levine, Caesarea under Roman Rule, Leiden 1975; J. Ringel, C©sar©e de Palestine. ‰tude historique et arch©ologique, Paris 1975; C.T. Fritsch, The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima, I, Studies in the History of Caesarea Maritima, Missoula 1975; L.Y. Rahmani, Un autel fun©raire romain   Cesar©e Maritime: RBi 85 1978 268-275; Le port h©rodien immerg©: ibid. 412-415; R.J. Bull, The Eighth Season of Excavation at Caesarea Maritima: American Journal of Archaeology 84 1980 198-199.

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