Ma Dixon’s Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

478 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury; (617) 445-4285


This simple place is so famous in its neighborhood, the whole square at the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Washington Street is named after it. Now, the Grove Hall area of Roxbury may not be comfortable for everyone; but the square is clean, and the folks inside Ma’s are friendly as can be.

Meanwhile, Southern food doesn’t get much more authentic in Boston leave a tip. Well, that’s OK, because this menu will leave you with plenty of change in your purse. Open seven days. than this. Grab a tray, walk along the counter, and watch them load up a plate with a ton of homemade food for about five bucks. That’s the price for just about every choice on the limited menu, from chicken (fried, baked, barbecued, or smothered) to Salisbury steak to genuine oxtail. Barbecued ribs are nice and meaty, and the meat falls right off the bone.

Add two vegetables on the side (mashed potatoes, string beans, col-lard greens), plus combread, all included, and you’ll see why this is a deal worth seeking out The decor is minimal, but a few plants and table lamps make a nice effort. And everybody smiles. Open seven days, until 6 p.m. only.

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