Yoho National Park we go Hey guys as you guessed we’re going to the Yoho National Park yo ho yo ho guys sorry hot today uh-huh, I’m so happy.

Because yesterday was a little bit cold, and I like when it’s nice, and hot, and this is our last day in golden before we head off to Whistler leaving yeah. So we are just gonna make the most of it we’ve got about three, and a half hours until our fast runs out. So they end up four, and yeah we’re going to see what we can speed good start to the day yeah we had what – Falls didn’t know about 2.5 kilometres 4 kilometer walk opinion all right. So we’ve been walking forward we think about two kilometers just already thinks it’s a bad idea. But we’re just reminding her that it was her choice. But we can hear the Falls now.


So this is a bit of a we’re in struggle town. But I was just thinking when we got there were pretty exhausted as we’re walking like when we saw the waterfall like how beautiful amazing they look I suppose like a shot of adrenaline I just automatically got all this energy it’s beautiful I don’t know how to explain first probably lose all my energy now as we walk back this is a bit of a hike you’re just decided to run ahead, and they acting like little two-year-olds giggling, and you know about this sperry beware, I’m pretty sure they meant to finish it off economy, and then just bolt I think they realize that they’re gonna get to the car first to get the drinks the cold drinks the people say they want to hit now yes now hi guys we just got to the natural bridge here at Yoho National Park we only have 20 minutes left of our path. So after this we’re gonna have to head home. Because gonna let back in the park, and we don’t want to pay for another day to leave early yeah. So we’ve got to enjoy these 20 minutes everyone’s way. So so I think it was a very funny story. But a very frustrating story protests we saw that you could pretty much like kind of jump the bill blockade, and go, and walk onto the Natural Bridge, and then there was this photographer in the green shirt that was taking photos that taking.

So many photos it’s like just as patiently waiting there he’d taken all these photos, and then. Because they them to were there other people realize, I’ll we can we can walk over there, and then slowly one by one there was like two girls that came, and started taking selfies, I’m pretty sure a little kid came, and took some selfies, and I could just see the frustration at Jess’s face was getting even bigger, and then once they arrived like a tour bus of 50 people rocked up, and then the crowds just kept coming, and this little Natural Bridge was just covered in people, and just I didn’t get my shots, and then the worst thing is the green photographer right at the beginning came up to me there’s already waiting for Thomas Wayne III to be finished. So then I can take a side of the bridge without anyone on any go saw this Photoshop me out, and then he went, and sat on the bridge the bridge was beautiful nonetheless we tried to get a cool shot you know in the middle of all the nature. But in the end it just look like ants all over the bridge. Because it was so many people there. But it’s four o’clock we couldn’t wait any longer the only largest until 4:00, and then, I’m pretty sure they find you.

So we have to head back yes we’re heading home now which I don’t mind. Because then I can eat we obtain home, and it’s not 8 o’clock at night which is good. Because we’re gonna eat a meal at a normal time of the day what are you cooking out tomorrow I am making some spaghetti again some meatball hmm that sounds good yeah we’re throwing in tonight’s, I’m gonna make some garlic bread as well oh you know cuz we got all this actually I think I use the flow the garlic there’s a little bit we’re adding we just sound some garlic then just be chopping in, and everything. But yeah we’ve got some packing to do we have to edit this love tonight. Because we have to leave tomorrow yes. So we’ve got seven, and a half hours to get to Whistler, and we’re spending some couple of days there yeah yeah can’t wait to see them the true summertime as I hear the lakes, and stuff are really nice to swim in, and yeah guys if you want to see what five minutes really is behind the scenes, I’m going to be the inside scoop, and they are, and work always working 9:00 to 5:00, I’m showing the behind the scenes footage of five minutes outside again to end it outside always. Because this view is so amazing anyway thanks for reading today guys tomorrow we are driving all the way to Whistler no stop well well mostly divers no sleepovers it’s 650 kilometers. So it’s gonna be like a seven hour drive yeah plus spot stops. But um yeah thanks for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye yes Nazi time 15 you were wrong.

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