Welcome to don’t leave it like this to go here original thing keep the next couple days because.

I’m never consiglio. And guess what. I have a little finishing me to go to the DNA test with 23andme and I’ve got a great-great grandparents or great grandparents or great-grandparents that was fitted which. I never knew about so I figured it’d be a great opportunity to explore, but, it’s Dylan.


I’ve never been here before, but that’s what we’re doing right now we’re currently instant where as, you can see in some name that the stuff for all the tour buses you’re gonna help thank, you all. So thank, you have this building right here, this is the Helsinki Cathedral is difficult organize will building into Helsinki not because, it’s like perched up on the hillside, you can see, it’s going everywhere in Helsinki oh man. So we’re currently exploring Market Square is the largest market here in Finland.

And helping, you it is full of like rent food. And fruit. And great weather cute little bag mohel think it is the northern most populated city.

So of 1 million plus. So the weather then a little bit chilly all right let’s go explore what are the indoor market goes Market Square can have two ways while the weather just showed out a little bit. I think oh man.

I know how come. I am for this kind of weather oh Gordon Canada for canvas ix establish bob-fish produce anything, you can imagine few missional marginally helping, you what we are going to try five thousand one hundred percent bear meat oh we got some reindeer pté oh please your puppet gourmet quality here Finnish reindeer chip yeah older smokes stuff quality yeah. So what’s this Ranger stuff reindeer this.

I was like a pepperoni stick lab right here alright let’s uh he’s like upright correct our the spices stuff Wow oh there, you go we got another finish what is it Baraka or Karsch. I think are Shaolin Baraka they’re like pies that are filled with well potato. And, it’s like a rye bread kind of like bread with data on it Oh looks good to be fair though, you are party on Damien.

So no spaghetti. So what did, you get so I have got a very traditional we call semi-axes it is just like fresh which.

I’m going to try from not allowing guys like there’s one of my favorite things in the entire world, but what has been tried there’s licorice how is it no. I don’t like. I still don’t like licorice sure yeah yeah what happened to your Scandinavian blood boys your with your love malignus that’s true you’re not finished.

I think, you what it said they definitely want to survive we have made it to. So Melina, this is a sea fortress. And a UNESCO World Heritage Site right off the coast of Helsinki.

So the 15-minute public ferry ride away. And we’re going to see one of top thing to do not only in Helsinki, but in Finland okay. So up in a history for, you Melina fortress was founded in 1748 when Finland was part of the kingdom of Sweden.

So is still quite sweet. And it was served as a sea fortress to defend Berlin then in 1808 it was actually conquered by the Russian. And take it over during the Russian sweida war.

So became a Russian sea fortress where the Russians defended their conquer land. And then remained a Russian naval base for the next hundred. And ten years until 1918 during the Spanish Civil War where it was an annexed by Finland.

And named Emily these were thinking to the Russians all the artillery. And we can in that lab standing here all use versed. So tonight we are going to be trying traditional dishes actually the super many retro.

I want to try it. And see what the welcome is going to be like there’s. So much typical Finnish dishes that are being in the school restaurant is very like Taylor maritime economy.

And horse Midland. And helping give me water makes complete sense. I’m getting the Baltic herring whoo that’s Brigitte.

I’m going to a vegetable hash which finished potato thing all right. So we’ve reforged when we sat down that needs to be Taylor sighs horses, but a looking quite expecting this, this is a massive amount of veggies. And hash.

So. I’m super stoked to eat all the food, but oh look 11 pairing Wow, but, this is a traditional Finnish dish bones. And all where are, you actually eat bones there’s crispy loss all oh well.

I’m going to enjoy my vegetable with no bone what do, you think kneading are, you going to be able to finish your meal huh. I feel like if. I was sailing for like a few days yes.

I was sitting today not sailing. And don’t know if. I’m going to make it through this.

So you’re not going to finish your meal we’re at the National intermedium of Finland where you’re a little bit more vocal, it’s because. I was. So much about Melissa my first time here so.

I think, this is the place to worry about it we’re now kind of going through the Imperial period Upton language was between 1804 920 when it was under Russian rule now, this is the realm section, it’s basically covering a lot of the 17. And 1800’s here in Finland which are a mishmash of different rulers. So somewhere between 1720.

And 1840s sister spinach, but there’s. So Friday where that came from and I don’t know about possibly my mom or dad sign, but, this is kind of period time Alton three three fifty hundred.

And eighty s Kovac 8:15 to talk of that infection vibrator like Wolfe is showing all the different maps. And the borders. And a changing borders of Finland which has changed quite a lot well.

I hope, you guys have enjoyed exploring Helsinki with me if you were interested in doing your own trip travel based on your DNA my grandma is doing a huge sweepstakes right now where they’re giving away 23 trips to 23 winners to travel based on their DNA, it’s up twenty thousand dollars worth of value including taxes of these details right here, you can enter by purchasing a 23andme kit or, you get it for free online. So go check out that contest. And good luck.

I hope, you win. So we are going to go grab some a dinner. And head to our next destination then let out you.

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