Experiencing Sabahs Capital Kota Kinabalu

Hey everybody how you guys doing today welcome to card to poker deck in a balloon series into it’s part 1, I’ll link it down below we went out to a beautiful resort far away from the city. But for today we thought we’d show you what it’s like to stay in the city of Kota Kinabalu all right guys you’ve just arrived to the city of creating a blue we’re staying at the Hilton in the middle of the city something is this place laughter places oh wow all these little pastries. But Steve when, I’m not eat them we need to be healthy I need to see the view this is a city side of the room. So there is the city of Kota kind of blue which we have yet to see oh you can see the water from here still wow it is really big he’s a living room there’s a desk Steve I hope this is the mountain side yeah well that’s really cool how you actually get a bit of both the mountains are right there, and then the city is on the other side that’s so nice welcome to our bedroom almost like a lounge a really big bed, and another TV what there’s a good TV here, and then a TV here I put this I know oh my gosh there’s like a walk-in wardrobe wow that is really big I actually could feel life stuff. Because we definitely have a cocktail a strip, and then we have the bathroom which is also here double vanity oh wow that is cool Emperor’s actually I truly feel like, I’m your boss later nah I am yeah that sounds. So good, and then you go to Twitter, and then you shower in there really nice oh my god why how tired are you though. Because we woke up.

Experiencing Sabahs Capital Kota Kinabalu Photo Gallery

So early we literally work over like 5:00 a.m. or exhausted just want a copy to wake up every rooftop hall, and restaurant here at the hotel, and I’ve just card to see our first view of Kota Kinabalu. Because it kind of just drove up, and went out to the resort yesterday. But this is pretty much Kota Kinabalu for you guys this is probably the main city area most people come out to see the island which unfortunately we don’t have enough time to go out to the islands to grab a 6:00 a.m. flight tomorrow we literally just have like a little bit of downtime.

So I do apologize if you like you should have gone here should have gone there we worked in for like a month, and a half Jade, and this is the kind of little bit of downtime we’ve had. So we’re just going to take it, and enjoy it for today all righty guys Jess is absolutely just God naca Jeff she didn’t sleep a wink last night props to her for yesterday’s post I don’t if you could tell. But jess was just bounced with yesterday. So, I’ll just put it to bed. So you can just sleep we have to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow.

Because we’re on a 6:00 a.m. flight out of here. So, I’m like not just you just relax enjoy a little bit more energy I’ve had a shot of coffee and, I’m going to go out, and explore a little bit to show you guys what you can see in KK I know it is just a city, and a lot of people do go out to see the island. So I do apologize that we can’t show you the island. But at least I can see what I can show you as an hour, and a half to our dinner date tonight. So see how much I can put into that time frame we were at least works here the things I can get myself out, and about quite easy thank you so much all right guys the car to the third stop which is a really beautiful mosque here in Kota Kinabalu I looked on what does the entrepreneur, and did some posts, and everyone was like you have to compute its mosque at sunset it’s not exactly sunset it’s like 5:30.

But the colors are beautiful it’s really cool let me show you it like the reflection on that water is really cool. So beautiful are you five minutes okay I got an uber driver that’s like almost acting like a bit of a tour guide quite good guys you literally don’t realize how fast time goes it was like a 20-minute uber ride couple of time lapses a drone flight, and I’ve got a dinner date in 22 minutes. But I just can’t stop staring at this amazingly beautiful mosque, and the Sun is just setting in the background this is just. So beautiful also this is really my first mosque I’ve ever visited, and I just realized you can’t actually go inside, and they still like Muslim. So unfortunately I couldn’t go inside to show you guys. But I really think the best views from outside also even though this is such a breathtaking way to end our final day in Malaysia, and I hope you guys have been enjoying these Malaysian posts it’s been amazing. Because the support that I’ve been giving us Jeremy later just has been just reading all your comments every single morning has been amazing you guys have gone above, and beyond thank you so much for the old post 16 commenting, and also for everyone that has just joined up as well on this Malaysia trip thank you guys we really appreciate it you don’t know how much it means to us, and I almost feel a little bit bad.

Because it’s our final day in Malaysia, and I feel like it kind of failed you guys on the posts a little bit today. Because we had so much on the yesterday’s log today was really just coming out of the hotel we’re low on sleep, and I just kind of showed you one thing in here in Kota Kinabalu. So I just wanted to apologize to you guys. But we kind of saw these two days in KK as a day off. So sometimes you just got to take one for yourself here Malaysia we did get attacked by leeches for you in cave duckstein we showed you all these amazing adventure stuff. So, I’m taking one for the team on this one, and just relaxing, and enjoying our final day before our early flight tomorrow now I’ve wasted another five minutes telling you guys, I’m going to go jump back in my over, and go hopefully get out in a day by 6:30 kind of feel bad our being here for half now, and I tried looking everywhere for my uber driver, and he said he would wait. But I need to go back.

So I’ve ordered another one they feel really terrible maybe he left me I don’t know hello, I’m going to the hills before I will early okay. So got a few minutes up there thank you thank you of course our room has to be that one put some nice pants on. Because it is dinner time let me back by the way they’ll telling us that this place is motion sensor too when we leave it all just shocks down how would you tweet you’re feeling much better even yes I really needed in that I feel like I was lying to live my face I’ve literally woken up like 30 seconds ago it seems like come on let’s go have dinner a month ha she’s actually not been feeling – a little bit sick. So that’s why she was knocked out yeah I feel like I need to rest my body otherwise I think, I’m going to get the coldest optimist you know when you travel a lot it’s unlikely. Because my through having dinner on the rooftop we totally need to come to have a night swingley yeah we should I just missed the sunset tonight was as the cool kid say was left it was lip it good evening thank you oh yes good how are you already guys come for dinner, and it’s really awesome. Because the head chef has Hilton actually watches our posts we didn’t want to be in the post which is totally understandable respect everyone behind the way when you do watch this thank you so much pretty good those better than he wanted us to try all these different specialties which means the diet is broken for today. Because his session is steep I look.

So good, and it’s like all vegetarian pieces we do have a salad we do have a salad which is like an apple pear day salad, and ah this is so good we need to try all the pizzas he did say don’t worry about not eating at all I don’t think, I’m gonna eat three pieces off this look good thank you so much oh dear if you’re springing up more food alrighty guys this needs to happen this boss looks incredible especially, I’m feeling sick then I’d hop off see what is there any Bubble Ball stuff ensue from here oh here we go let’s put a bit of shampoo in it wonderfully we need a bubble my knight is dead guys are sasuke’s to mental pools please see you guys in the morning.

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