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If you’re worried about the language barrier, download the iTranslate app before you travel.

It can translate words, phrases and text in over 90 languages.

You can speak and it’ll recognise your voice, transform it into text, and translate it. Free for iOS/Apple; Android; Windows Phone


Makes sense to follow a few common-sense tips on your trips.

I Get in the habit of looking back to check t hat you have everything when you get up to leave somewhere.

1 Travel in comfort An inflatable neck pillow, earplugs, padded eye mask and holding pouch a must for anyone planning a holiday.

2 Keep your cash and bank cards in different places (try not to carry altogether). If you lose all your cards it can be difficult to get replacements, and being without money isn’t much fun.

3 Don’t make yourself a target for thieves. Leave your jewellery at home, and keep your camera in a bag when you’re not using it.

4 Scan your travel documents and e-mail them to yourself. These days, digital is best – that way your documents won’t go missing even if your bags do.

5 Keep handbags on your lap or wrap the strap around your leg.

6 Don’t give money to people on the street – thieves may be watching ready to take your purse!

Country Rituals The stages of Native Country life were often delineated by religious rituals. Among many peoples, puberty rites marked the transition to adulthood. These rites differed according to the sex of the participants, but most taught young women the roles of wife and mother and taught men their culturally appropriate role. In many cultures, isolation and fasting accompanied this process. Ojibwe boys, for instance, were led into the woods to fast and wait for a vision or dream. Irving Subway Map The dream received could serve as a lifelong spiritual guide. Of course, vision quests were not only for young men. People throughout North Country engaged in the practice to assuage grief or in an effort to obtain shamanic powers. Shamans practiced throughout North Country, although their role varied from culture to culture. Some inherited their spiritual gifts, while others earned them. Often, Shamans advised tribal leaders. Aspects of Native Country religions and related worldviews appeared in many activities that at first glance do not seem particularly religious.

Hunting, fishing, and agriculture gave many peoples a context in which to express their religious beliefs. In the Pacific Northwest, Kwakiutl belief stressed the interdependency of animals and human beings; hunters killed game animals during the summer, then during winter ceremonials paid homage in various dances and rituals, often disguised as game animals. Such beliefs and practices were not at all uncommon. Success in hunting or warfare could be an indication of spiritual blessing. Seasonal cycles, crucial to effective agriculture, played an important role in many Native Country religions. Corn was especially valued. The legend of the Cherokees’ Selu, the Corn Woman, is the most famous example. Selu’s children conspired to kill her. At her request, they dragged her bleeding body over the ground; wherever her blood fell, corn grew.

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