Budapest Subway Map

The first level of the basement is where Harry did a lot of entertaining, especially in the summer because it was cooler. Overstuffed chairs and small tables for playing poker filled one room. The library walls were lined with bookshelves, now empty, but once covered with volumes.

Harry spent a lot of time entertaining and playing poker in the basement.

Against an outer wall is a large, high-voltage cupboard. Harry had a special electrical cable that ran out to the boat on a pulley. If he needed to escape in the boat, pull-starting an outboard motor could take time. Supposedly the boat was rigged to start with the electrical cable that would release as he sped across the lake.

Going to one bookcase, Scott reached under a shelf, pulled a little pin, and the case swung open to reveal the stairs leading to the secret sub level. Each step was a different size to make it awkward to travel up or down. Another intentional safety feature.

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