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ROOSTER’S KITCHEN ©©6601 Morrison Blvd., 704/366-8688,

HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 A.M.-10 P.M., Fri.-Sat. 11:30 A.M.-11 P.M., Sun. 11:30 A.M.-9 P.M.

Ever wondered how George H. W. Bush likes his barbeque? Ask Jim Noble. The award-winning

chef and restaurateur cooked for the former president. Now, he’s focusing on making spitfire roasted chicken, barbeque pork shoulder, fried squid, and house-curried duck from local and organic ingredients. Rooster’s is billed as a restaurant specializing in food that is both upscale and casual. You can watch it all being prepared in the open-air kitchen that’s located in the center of the restaurant. The highlight of the show is the flames jumping in the wood-fired grill. The food might be casual but the leather booths, granite bar, and wrought-iron wine racks were chosen for their upscale appearance, so go ahead and get dressed up for dinner at Rooster’s.

1663 Shortly after his restoration to the throne, Charles II Rome Subway Map grants Carolina to a group of eight lords proprietors, led by Anthony Ashley Cooper, soon to Rome Subway Map become the first Earl of Shaftesbury. The king gives them broad powers to develop a society by distributing land and constructing a government. 1669 The lords proprietors draft the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina, a document designed to govern settlement of the new colony. The Anglican Church will technically be established, or supported by the state, but Carolinians will be free to worship however they see fit. The Constitutions also divide the territory into provinces and counties, and they provide for the establishment of a new class of nobleman, the landgrave, who wields an extraordinary amount of political power. Essentially visionary in character, the Constitutions exert a relatively small effect on the actual white settlement of the colony. The colonial legislature never approves the measures, even though the proprietors modify them several times between 1669 and 1705. 1670 Settlers land on the Ashley River and officially found the colony of Carolina. A group of planters, dissatisfied with life on Barbados, moves into the area and quickly draws the ire of the proprietors, especially Anthony Ashley Cooper, who avers that John Yeamans, the first governor, is more concerned with personal profit than creating a utopian society in Carolina. The Goose Creek men, Barbadian Anglicans who lived along Goose Creek (a tributary of the Cooper River), dominate colonial politics for years, opposing the actions of the proprietors in nearly every regard. Meanwhile, African slavery begins to take hold in South Carolina, when Africans from the West Indies accompany their masters to the region. In fact, between 1670 and 1690, more than half of the colony’s black population comes from the Caribbean.

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