New York City Hip Hop Tour

I’m about to get on this bus, but this is no ordinary bus. This bus is gonna take me through midtown Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx, and I’m gonna learn all about hip hop culture in New York City. Let’s go. Welcome to Hush Tours, the one and only hip hop cultural sightseeing tour. Hush Tours is the only sightseeing tour based on hip hop culture here in New York City, and the beauty of it is that the actual pioneers of the genre are involved.

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It’s interactive, so you are involved as a guest, and we make you feel like you’re family. This guy right here It’s goin’ on right now. Best tour guide in the world. We are now cruisin’ through Spanish Harlem, goin’ to a spot so we can do some break dancin’. Does anybody know why a breaker is named a breaker? ‘Cause we dance to the break of the record. I like the bass I like the boom I come back from a time where hip hop wasn’t taught in a classroom. If you wanted to learn hip hop, you had to do it on the street, and that’s where I learned it. Get down, do whatever you want; just make sure it’s funky.

It was a lotta history, and I like the interacting. And not a dull moment. Hip hop will never die, and where it all began: right here in the NYC. Y’all ready? On three; one Three, two, one. Now that’s a dope picture. This beautiful building behind me is Yankee Stadium, and you know what that means. That means we are in the Bronx; we are heading further uptown. This tour is getting better by the minute. This, my friends, is what you call a buffet. We have two lines of every type of food you could ever imagine. I don’t even know what to pick, but I think it’s gonna be a really good lunch. Boom! That was so much fun. We went all around New York City today: midtown, uptown, Bronx, Harlem. We got to eat some soul food; we did some break dancing; we learned all about the culture and the history of hip hop.

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