5 Best Supplements for Womens Over 60

Stay sharp and sexy It’s time to do things for yourself. You may choose to retire or keep working, start something new or relax more, travel or hunker down at home. You may not need menopause support any more, but you’ll want something to keep your mind sharp, your body energised and your love life humming. Calcium Keep focusing on bone density. Take 800mg calcium, balanced with 400mg magnesium.

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Avoid acidic foods and drinks that leach calcium from bones, such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and refined foods. Alkalise your body by eating more vegetables. Ginkgo biloba and bilberry These are used to improve the circulation to your brain and eyes for a quick mind and clear vision. Take one or two a day. Glucosamine Try this to protect joints and keep you supple. Take 500mg a day, or 1000mg if you are suffering joint problems. And to soothe you, The Australian Bush Flower Essence Jacaranda may help with mental focus, while wisteria is said to enhance feminine sexuality.

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