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You must turn left down Shepherds Way, then right into Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions Bramble Way, going forward into Rockmead Road. This swings to the left, arriving at a Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions T-junction with Lower Waites Lane, on to which you turn right. Initially the road is metalled but does become rougher as you make further progress. You then turn right into Sea Road and head towards the gate. Just before the gate, however, look out for a narrow path going left off the road, with a National Trust signboard saying ‘Fairlight’. You may think this somewhat incongruous, as the turning to Fairlight village was some way back! You join the path and proceed along it, soon climbing again, but be assured that it is nothing like as tough as some of the earlier ascents.

Ferris held the position of Allegan County’s Sheriff until 1914 and, later, served as a justice for Allegan County. He remains one of Allegan County’s most respected, noteworthy historical figures.

I checked my watch as we neared Allegan. It was early, just after 4:00 p.m. We were making good time and would arrive a little ahead of schedule for this mostly-daytime investigation. It was scheduled to run just three hours, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Though the amount of time to investigate was short and a little unusual for most paranormal investigations, we certainly didn’t mind. Bev and I realized that even three hours was an imposition for the dedicated volunteers of the Allegan County Historical Society. We were appreciative for whatever time they allowed us. Second, the two of us are not committed to the idea that paranormal investigations must be conducted at night, in total or even near-total darkness.

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