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On the way Chen wanted to show me a stretch of Beijing Map Tourist Attractions the Great Wall, but we had trouble finding it. On reaching a long low bank Beijing Map Tourist Attractions of rammed earth my companion blinked a few times and exclaimed: But a year ago the Great Wall was intact here!’

All we could see was a bank of foundations and some villagers shovelling earth into wheelbarrows, taking it away to make into bricks for new houses. While walking along the hump of its foundations, I picked up a coin, an old Chinese coin with a square hole in it.

Chen said it dated from the Xing dynasty when a woman was queen of the Hans. From there we drove through orchards and scrubland, which had formerly been desert, reclaimed by modem techniques -the positive side of progress. We were heading for a desert reclamation project where a group of scientists and peasants were working on schemes to control desert encroachment.

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