The Appleton Museum of Art

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Jointly owned by the Florida State University Foundation and the Central Florida Community College Foundation. The Appleton Museum is a fine arts museum housing permanent collections of European painting, sculpture, and decorative arts; pre-Columbian, African, and Asian art; Islamic ceramics; and Antiquities. Beginning with classical antiquities from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia, the permanent collections lead the viewer on an historical and geographic survey of art history. The Asian galleries display objects from China, India, Japan, and Tibet. The pre-Columbian galleries show an extensive collection of South and Meso-American grave goods from cultures now extinct for almost 500 years. The African galleries highlight the traditional cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. The European collection, housed on the second floor of the museum, extends from Medieval manuscript pages through contemporary art, with large selections of Romantic, Social Realist, and Barbizon art.

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