Best Travel Destinations Asia

Best Travel Destinations Asia

They said it was fine with them; and, I eagerly proceeded with an unexpected outcome – by round fifteen, I had sold them a set; but, unlike some of my other contracts, they never reconsidered and cancelled it during their given rethink period.

It was because of a high incidence of such cancellations – and, of contracts not being approved because of poor credit rating of the would-be buyers – that my Barbadian wife and I decided to leave British Columbia and go back east to Toronto.

As you did and will read, I arrived there in April 1971; but, right now, I still wish to travel to southeast Asia, the Middle and Far East, Russia, New Zealand and Australia and some of Europe. But, I can’t complain; and, you’ll have to agree.
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Take it from me, regardless of your profession, career, job, income level, standing in society, age, gender, marital status, whatever, you are not living a full, rewarding and truly happy life, if you do not travel or doing so regularly.

The more you do; and, the more regular that you do so, the richer and more fulfilling and satisfying your life will be. And, if you travel with children, you will have the added bonus of also seeing the world through their curious and restless eyes and tireless legs.

So, make a start! Evaluate your life! You can lie in bed and do it within minutes. It’s as easy as that!


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