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In this context, I describe how Abdullah negotiates his identity in an embodied way in the globalized city as a member of a partitioned’ minority. I will look at how the city impacts upon his body, and at his response, as resistance, to the marginalization forced upon him by the dominant discourse that renders him other’, disenfranchises him, makes him invisible, and silences his dissenting voice. Thus, I will argue, he engages with the discourse of multiculturalism and plays with it on his own terms. Rather than dress his work up in multicultural drag’ (Cohen 2008: 318) he employs a range of strategies that introduce ambivalence and uncertainty concerning his positionality, and in relation to his own work. In so doing, his work challenges the viewer to reconsider their relationship and attachments to a cultural and religious difference. Thus, this chapter addresses how a young Muslim artist negotiates his identity in relation to the discourse of multiculturalism in urban city spaces.

I will examine three key artworks from Abdullah’s June 2011 exhibition at Kings Artist Run Initiative, an established and high-profile artist-run space in Melbourne, and will draw out themes in his work that voice a resistance to his marginalization. For this exhibition, Abdullah was sponsored by the City of Melbourne’s Next Wave Festival. This discussion proposes that Abdullah’s art constitutes a form of identity construction, protest and resistance to his experience of racism in Perth and Melbourne – cities in Australia where the artist has lived and worked.

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