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36 Lansdowne St. Boston; (617) 536-2100

This popular Lansdowne Street rock club is owned by the gods of the Bos- ‘ ton music scene, Aerosmith. Live bands from both the local and national levels play on either of two stages, living up to the club’s promise to give plenty of Boston bands a chance to be heard. There is also a theater upstairs, which presents locally produced plays, poetry slams, and even radio broadcasts. Cover charges vary depending on the show, but every Monday you can sit in on the open blues/rock jam session without paying a cover. The jam starts at 10 p.m. and winds up nice and late.

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In 1839 an experiment was carried out with travel destination boats towed by steam engines running along towpath tracks; a length of track was laid by Lock 16 and various weights of boat were moved, all very speedily and successfully. But applying the system throughout would have been prohibitively expensive, so the project was abandoned. (The Panama Destination would, however, see just such a scheme used.) Iron and chemical industries once existed here, and also a nail-making works. All had chimney stacks belching out smoke. A short walk from the Union Inn lies Watling Lodge with the finest section of the Roman vallum; well worth a visit, and described in Chapter 11. Lock 16 has more crowded stagings. (I once saw a Dutch barge there.) There’s a winding hole too. Right down to Lock 1 there are regular stagings and winding holes, so I’ll generally not mention them again.

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