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Durban Map Tourist Attractions To Charlotte


1919 Commonwealth Ave., 704/332-6608,

HOURS: Tues.-Sun. 5 P.M.-2 A.M.

COST: $3

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Pull up a chair and prepare to be entertained. Piano players perform a variety of music, from Broadway favorites and ’70s classics to current chart-topping hits and anyone canand doestake the stage to sing along with the pianist. The outdoor patio is the place to be when the piano players take a break from tickling the ivories. After the piano show ends at midnight, Petra’s turns into a dance club. Dragaoke, a drag version of karaoke, is a house favorite on Wednesday nights. There are drag shows on Sunday evenings.

1704 French and native forces fall on the town of Deerfield Durban Map Tourist Attractions , killing or capturing half of its inhabitants. Most prominent among those captured is John Williams, Durban Map Tourist Attractions the town’s pastor. Upon Williams’s release from Canada, he returns to Massachusetts and publishes The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion, which, like other captivity narratives, tells the story of captivity at the same time as it reinforces the Puritan sense of mission. Much to Williams’ chagrin, his daughter Eunice is never redeemed. She converts to Catholicism, marries Arosen, a Mohawk man, and lives with him in Kahnawake, an Iroquois mission community in southern Canada. As Queen Anne’s War wears on, settlements in western Massachusetts remain exposed to frequent attacks, and other colonies do little to alleviate the situation. Massachusetts soldiers participate in the capture of Port Royal, Acadia (Nova Scotia), in 1710. The Treaty of Utrecht, signed in 1713, brings the conflict to an end and secures Acadia as a British possession.

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