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Annon I heard another Russelling noise in Y, Room called Durban Map to know the matter Little miss said shee was making a bed for the men; who, Durban Map when they were in Bed, complained their leggs lay out of it by reason of its shortness my poor bones complained bitterly not being used to such Lodgings, and so did the man who was with us; and poor I made but one Crone, which was from the time I went to bed to the time I Ris, which was about three in the morning, Setting up by the Fire till Light, and having discharged our ordinary wch was as dear as if we had had far Better fare wee took our leave of Monsier and about seven in the morn come to New Rochell a french town, where we had a good Breakfast.

And in the strength of that about an how’r before sunsett got to York. Here I applyd myself to Mr. Burroughs, a merchant to whom I was recommended by my Kinsman Capt. Prout, and received great Civilities from him and his spouse, who were now both Deaf but very agreeable in their Conversation, Diverting me with pleasant stories of their knowledge in Brittan from whence they both come, one of which was above the rest very pleasant to me viz. my Lord Darcy had a very extravagant Brother who had mortgaged what Estate bee could not sell, and in good time dyed leaving only one son.

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