Silfra Snorkel Adventure from Reykjavik Iceland

It’s Iceland in the winter time! And what are we gonna do? We’re going snorkeling in the Silfra fissure. It’s glacial water, separating two tectonic plates. Some of the clearest water in the world.

Silfra Snorkel Adventure from Reykjavik Iceland Photo Gallery

Let’s go. I’ve heard that these suits aren’t the easiest to get on. So we’re gonna try ’em out. I’m gonna give you a little .. Yeah please. Wooo!! Ha ha! Oh yeah! I got my fins, I got my snorkel gear. Time to get in the water.

Ooh, I’m all floating, whoa! We’re snorkeling right between the North American and European continents. The ravine stretches 25 meters below the surface and the water is crystal blue.

It was really beyond what I expected. It was just extraordinary to look down and be able to see all the way down this fissure so clearly. There are these huge voids that lead to the molten core of planet Earth.

It’s so crystal clear. Not nearly as cold as I was anticipating and worried about. It’s just peaceful. Unreal. So in winter, it’s a little bit cold, but you’ve got the beautiful snow. In summer you get a little bit warmer in your suit, but then you’ve got the nice clear sky. So it’s something that you can do for the entire year and enjoy Iceland all year round.

Plus you get hot chocolate and cookies at the end. Here you go there, enjoy. Thank you. So we’re all wrapped up. We finished off the day with a nice warm hot chocolate. And I had a couple cookies. I can’t stop thinking about that glacial water, how crisp and clear it was. Seeing all the way into the fissure. This experience is something else.

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