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Still before six in the morning and we’ve already hit the Columbia River Gorge as the sun breaks through the Cascade Mountain ranges in the distance. The haze and smoke hang in the air as most of the gorge area being on fire this season to fill the valley sky. The family rests comfortably in preparation for a warm day.

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We’ve almost managed to get to seven o’clock before the first piddle stop at The Dalles on the Columbia River. Pretty good for my two riders (it would seem our child inherited my wife’s lack of a bladderand if I would’ve known then, what I know now, I would’ve never let her insert, I will stop more frequently at restrooms than just when the car needs gas… into my wedding vows, otherwise).

The hills over in Washington state are almost blended into the smoke filled air lingering in the Gorge, the unusually calm waters of the Columbia River visible below the guard rail as temperatures are already reaching 74°F (23°C).

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