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LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING. Your hotel may have efficient same-day service and may even provide drying lines in the bathroom. 114 Some typical prices in a regular laundry (three- or four-day service):

You can also find self-service laundries where coin-operated washing-machines and dryers are available. Look under Laundries self service in the Manhattan Yellow Pages or ask your hotel receptionist.

Dry cleaners usually have one-day service. They are also listed in the telephone directory’s Yellow Pages under “Cleaners and Dyers. Some typical prices:

Dry cleaning

shirt $2.25 unpleated skirt $2.25

blouse 2.25 trousers 2.25

dress 4.00 jeans 2.25

Self-service dry cleaners, where you pay according to weight, are well-run. and take about an hour.

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