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Global Volunteers, 375 E. Little Canada Rd. St. Paul, MN 55117 (a 800-487-1074). A variety of 1- to 3-week volunteer programs throughout Europe.

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Fees range from US$ 1295-2395 including room and board, but not airfare.

Habitat for Humanity International, 121 Habitat St. Americus, GA 31709 (® 229-924- 6935, ext. 2551; www.habitat. Org). Volunteers build houses in over 87 countries. Pro gram durations range from 2 weeks to 3 years. Short-term programs in Europe, includ ing airfare, room, board, and insurance, cost from US$1800-2600.

Oxfam International, 266 Banbury Rd. Ste. 20, Oxford, 0X2 7DL, UK (a 18 65 31 39 39; www.oxfam. Org). Runs poverty relief campaigns.

Service Civil International Voluntary Service (SCI-IVS), SCI USA Main Office, 5474 Wal nut Level Rd. Crozet, VA 22932 (a206-350-6585; www.sci-ivs. Org). Arranges place ment in outdoor work camps throughout Europe. 18+. Registration fee US$175.

Simon Wiesenthal Center, 64 av. Marceau, 75008 Paris (aOl 47 23 76 37; www. Wie- senthal. Org). Fights anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial throughout Europe. Small, vari able donation required for membership.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Case Postale 2500, CH-1211 Geneve 2 Depot, Switzerland (a22 739 8111; www.unhcr. Org). Gladly provides advice on how and where to help.

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