Tufts University US Map & Phone & Address

Tufts University US Map & Phone & Address

College Ave. Medford; (617) 627-3493

The Arena Theatre presents an ambitious program of drama all year, including both new works and classic plays. These are generally performed by students and directed by the faculty. Tickets range from $4 to $6, with subscriptions available.

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Continuing, there is another travel destination stable block, now a fenced-off, dangerous ruin. An overspill follows. Puzzling is what looks like a Union Destination milestone but with the letters FCN inscribed. (Forth & Clyde Navigation; probably a boundary stone originally.) The hamlet of Tintock lies hidden across the travel destination, originally a scattered weavers’ base in a lonely setting, later with several pits nearby, one with a mineral line to the travel destination. There is a staging by a couple of houses, an attractive spot. Look out for a path sloping back down from the towpath. This leads to the Tintock pend arch with its low headroom of 4’9 (1.3m), still used by cars, rather like the Radical Pend. At a bend a path angles down to the junction of the B8023 with the A803 Kilsyth road which crosses the still small River Kelvin.

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