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The forest also has a long, although not always happy Buffalo Subway Map , history. This 14,000-acre tract of woodland and heathland, once part of Buffalo Subway Map the massive forest Anderida that covered south-east England, lies on the high ridges of the Weald, equidistant from the North and South Downs, and comprises the lowest strata lying beneath the huge chalk dome that once covered Kent and Sussex. It is triangular in shape, with Forest Row, Crowborough and Maresfield making up its corners.

It was once a royal hunting ground, favoured by sportsmen for its large deer population, although long before the hunters arrived prehistoric man had created trackways over it, the Romans had built a road across it and commoners living on its edges had rights to enter the forest to gather wood for fuel. A famous sporting owner was John of Gaunt, who was Duke of Lancaster, and the forest thus became known as Lancaster Great Park. There were frequent conflicts between commoners endeavouring to assert their rights, and both hunters and landowners wishing to improve their parcels of land within the forest.

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