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Hey everybody, and welcome back to Perth we’ve just spent all morning doing such an annoying task getting international driver’s licenses, and it’s not even for what you’re thinking when I went to rent a car it was in our next post we’re gonna be going on another trip, and we needed one of these you have to tune in why we needed it. Because it’s not for what you think it’s for. So we just spent all morning doing that wait, I’ll finish my story we’re actually not spending the night here we’re gonna be spending it at a hotel in the city let me finish the story there. So we’ve actually never needed one except for one time in make an ass out of the 50 countries we’ve been to. So we thought we might all just pick one up, and then we’re fine. But everybody welcome to the Intercontinental here in Perth City had an old friend who I did my thesis with when I was at university like.

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So many years ago, and now she’s the marketing manager for this hotel, and she said why don’t you guys come down for a couple of nights enjoy stay in the city were like yes that sounds awesome also gives us an opportunity to catch up again. Because you can go out for a coffee with her in like 10 minutes time. But, I’ll show you our room we’re staying in a king room it’s they just renovated that you’re looking sorry summary by the way guys I know in the last few blocks we’ve been having like jumpers, and stuff which is really weird for Australia. But the Sun is back out 32 degrees no more rain you actually enjoy Perth in a summer yeah this is our room in this bed is huge and, I’m actually really digging the breeze, and whites just over here. So we have a bit of a view yeah this is how huge our room is by the way as we have a super nice bathroom just here. But, I’m really diggin the style of it, and we just realized they’re about to introduce a direct flight the longest flight in the world from Perth to London. So for Aziz we can get to Europe.

But for a lot of Europeans who watch this post it’s gonna be one of the easiest, and like cheapest ways to get to Australia Australia even though story lay over 17 hours if you come to Perth there’s some really nice hotels in the city again. So you can actually stay a couple of days before you head off to Sydney don’t know you guys are wanting to check out the East Coast not the west coast we should spend a couple of days I know containing you then hire a car go to Albany you saw how nice that was, and then you can be on your way yes. So we thought seniors a lot of you probably going to be coming to Australia now, and do a stopover in Perth we thought maybe we’ll show you some like details, and things to do in our city. Because we realize we do such a terrible job, and showing off our hometown oh yeah this is our city. So we are pretty much in the main street just here this is Hay Street just down there, and we’ll go for walk around as you can see you how city’s not entirely huge, and we’ve got our entertainment center just over there. So you come out to like one of the bars here at the hotel’s called the loft, and we’ve invited some people my mom, and dad we’ve been missing yeah we had on yeah why did you not go down right now Australians or not you are so yeah we come out, and it’s so beautiful the Sun is just setting, and we’ve almost got a bit of a private seating at the moment. Because it is the Thursday night it’s a random time to be here art yeah look here here’s our view, and then this this is one of the main streets here that just go through here, and the Sun is just setting over there.

So a beautiful time to have some cocktails have some hot chocolate, and then we’re actually gonna go head out see a outdoor cinema movie tonight with mom, and dad. So having a bit of fun with them tonight. So I’ve decided to be a mover chinki tonight, and gone for a cocktail Intercontinental has their own unique cocktail yeah this is the Eastern breeze, and we got it. Because I was ginger beer in it oh it does look yes you ordered it for me try it okay I thought you’d like this one passionfruit mint, and ginger beer whoa what’s not oh, and vodka this is dad’s review should come out to Kings Park. Because they do a moonlight cinema every summer where they yeah just put like an outdoor cinema here, and we just sit down grab a couple of beanbags picnic have a picnic if you guys want. But, I’m pretty full, and then as much a movie I don’t know what reading wonder wonder oh there we go was the only thing oh there it is. But I see it hopefully there’s bean bags left.

Because we’re little bit late for like a Thursday it’s pretty busy is hey you just watch this Ananya it’s kind of a cool thing they do trust us classic Perry’s get in just in time a breath for the movies just about the sound asleep literally starting now let’s go getting organized we’ll see you guys off to guys I wish I was showing you a sunrise right now. But it is currently midday, and we haven’t left the hotel room yet Bob’s I think you need to turn body pyjamas I think we need to leave this hotel room fully model face just send it to Ashley, and Heidi butt out of jammies now please please guys we realize we’ve come out, and it’s business lunch hour. So this is the busiest I’ve ever seen the city this is the Australian summers we used to another cloud in the sky such a nice day this G true by the way guys I didn’t tell you. But when we hiked much repeat you I literally hype them with $20 big w shoes not donating those those are going straight into the trash all through South America, and it only cost me 30 bucks from Big W. But, I’m sorry your time has come to an end even though we have two bags of old clothes that we’re giving away to the sale boys I didn’t want to put those shoes on anybody. So I need to pick some new casual trees up. Because every time I go on a trip my shoes just get wrecked I’ve literally bought the exact same style that I bought last time.

But this one doesn’t have any holes in it looks like a good spot for lunch hello what are you guys doing back here guys we come down to Ito, and right, and we don’t we places kappas, I’m actually glad we could get a seat. Because it’s like 1 o’clock, and it’s just super busy. Because this is our, and they just come out to eat what have we got Jessica we’ve got like over here we’ve gone somebody said an octopus yeah octopus we got some calamari put some caprese salad, and then at the style we’ve got some dried out fish, and then got some meat for mom, and dad this is just so much pretty this is gonna be good guys it’s not every day that you get to spend some time at a hotel in your home city. So because what yeah we celebrate a little bit, and take Jessica out for a bit of a date night it’s Friday night. So then we go out for a dinner for this entire blog has been uh shown you food. So it’s just gonna be a food blog it’s gonna for some Spanish food tonight which should be good oh wow we just walked in, and this like the grill I assume the Spanish girl it’s just open right here as we come Oh guys they’ve literally put an entire ocean in bed catch in front of us this looks.

So good that’s like the size of you that like a side of scallops they’ve given us just some side bread as well it look like octopus we’ve got fish in there also that broccoli that was being would buy grilled right there we needed to pick some of that up I suppose we do need some greens with this inside that’s been given to us I think not is a success, and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you well my son is two guys we decided this time to leave the hotel room nice, and early it’s just half a 6:30 to go for a bit of a stroll bit of a wall we’re just down here, and ELISA the keys have you no one’s new here this is our city as you can see it is insanely small we have a few high-rises. But they’re building a couple of new like six star hotels just here, and I don’t know when they’re gonna be built. But it looks like they’ve just begun yes it’s amazing thank you.

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