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On the corner of these streets is a building which, Cleveland Subway Map as the Mash Tun, has been haunted by a former landlady, Martha Boxell, who ran Cleveland Subway Map the pub here during the First World War. Subsequent owners have spoken of a feeling of being watched, and hearing the sound of footsteps; around 1992 or 1993 a lamp bulb is reported to have shot out of its socket, and a wall lamp to have shot into the air from its fitting and smashed on the floor.

Further down New Road is the Theatre Royal on the right, most famously haunted by the Grey Lady, so-called because of her old-fashioned grey dress. She has been seen in the vicinity of No 1 Dressing Room by two former staff members, and elsewhere in the building by lighting technicians, and she once tapped the actor Martin Jarvis on the shoulder. In 1982 she was seen by the actor Gerald Flood’s wife, Anne, who heard a door banging and, on opening it, saw the Grey Lady for about a minute. Next to the Theatre Royal there used to be a restaurant called Il Teatro where, in October 1979, it was reported that a knife mysteriously flew through the air, narrowly missing the manager’s daughter.

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