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The buildings of this period, mostly in red brick with sandstone decorative features, show the influence of Dutch architecture: Kronborg Castle (1577-85), Frederiksborg Castle (1602-20), Rosenborg (1608-17), the Exchange in Copenhagen (1619-40).

161315 and 1643-45 Wars with Sweden. Denmark is obliged to give up large territories on the Scandinavian peninsula.

1648-70 Frederik III.

Between 1657 and 1660 Denmark fights two wars with Sweden. Charles X of Sweden invades Denmark. 1659, heroic defence of Copenhagen and Danish victory at Nyborg. Denmark is finally compelled, however, to give up its possessions in southern Sweden.


1660 Denmark becomes an unlimited hereditary monarchy. The poor showing of the nobility in the wars with Sweden arouses popular feeling against them. The Rigsdag is summoned by Frederik and grants him absolute power (the King’s Law of 1665).

1670-99 Christian V.

1671 : establishment of a court and administrative nobility.

16991730 Frederik IV.

Frederik mitigates the rigours of the bondage system. Both Christian and Frederik seek to recover the lost territories and to incorporate Holstein in Denmark.

16751720 Wars with Sweden.

The Danish navy wins a number of major victories, in Koge Bugt in 1677 under Niels Juel, off Riigen in 1715 and at Marstrand in 1719 under Tordenskjold.

1660-1730 Baroque architecture.

Charlottenborg Palace, Copenhagen (after 1672); Vor Frelsers Kirke, Copenhagen (after 1682).

1720-1807 A long period of peace.

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