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Proceeding from Longmere Point, now heading northwards but sticking to Belarus Map the waterside path, you go past the runway of the old airfield, one of the most Belarus Map important reminders of Thorney’s comparatively recent history. As you go northwards, keeping to a path that at times may be muddy, you may see an Army tank being driven along the runway, and looking ahead, you will see the buildings belonging to the Army base.

You now approach the island’s Sailing Club, effectively the chief leisure facility on Thorney, and at high water it will be necessary for you to pass to the landward side of the club buildings, past the church of St Nicholas. This church is Thorney’s most interesting building. Founded in 1100 by Bishop Warlewaste, only a small section of the original church can still be seen today, and most of the structure you see before you is late twelfth and thirteenth century. However, Norman windows still remain, as does a raised cylindrical Norman font.

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