Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

That’s right we’re doing a packing post. So. I’m going to show, you guys what.

I pack for a month long a backpacking trip now what. I packed for a month long backpacking travel trip is the same thing. I packed for two months three months or more as.

I would just do laundry. So, it’s applicable for all those situations we’re going to go through everything here. And.

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I’m going to show, you how I pack it Plus why. I pack it.

So let’s get started because on this trip. I have to pack for two different situations one is heavy duty outdoor trekking mountains camping the second is regular city travel day travel night travel sightseeing. So two very different kind of clothing.

And gear requirement. So first. I’m going to do the trekking then I’m going to do the typical travel city stuff travel backpack, this is one of the most important purchases that we are going to purchase on our backpacking trip because, it’s where we’re going to keep everything and. So, it’s going to hold on our back. So, this is the bag.

I’m taking with me it is the Farpoint 70 meaning that it carries 17 litres of stuff in it now normally this bag has a day bag that attaches on like this which is fantastic but I don’t use it because. I use a specific camera day bag bag cover, this is a bag cover that basically makes this backpack waterproof because when it rains, you don’t want your stuff to get wet next thing is an umbrella because.

I don’t want to get wet when I’m carrying all my gear security security is important so. I carry two locks with me so.

I can lock up my main bag. And so. I can lock my bag up to something using this.

So, this is a pack safe. And it is basically a wired wired cord so. I can take this and.

I can wrap this a law on my bag. And wrap it on. And attach it to a certain item.

And that basically secures my bag to a stationary item if. I have to ever leave this unattended for any period of time heavy-duty nylon rope. So for emergency situations of ever need rope, this is my water bottle that.

I pack with me, this is called life straw now the reason why is if you look there, you actually see there is a filter in this now. I’m going on a camping trip. I’m going to be going into the wilderness.

And there will be many times where. I will need to drink from a stream or a unknown water source this filters 99% of all the bacteria. And it filters out all the mud.

And all that jazz so. I get nice fresh clean water now don’t bring normal towels when, you go backpacking, you need to bring microfiber or pack towels basically tinier more compact more dryable towels. So these kind of look like this and, you see it opens up.

And it kind of looks like a regular towel, it’s a bit lighter though thinner material. And basically this just dries a lot quicker than a traditional Tower this one is a face one that. I use.

So this one is actually an antimicrobial towel meaning that it helps prevent the build-up of bacteria so. I use this one for my face now. I have some just general purpose stuff sacks these are great for trying to keep everything organized next.

I have a laundry bag now, this is just a mesh bag that. I can use to do my laundry because. I will be doing laundry many times and, you will be doing laundry that is the key to packing a smart is learning how to do laundry.

And learning where the laundry mats are, you always want to know when there’s a laundromat. So, you can do laundry, this is of course the laundry powder for that laundry, this is double bag. And obviously.

I always use a powder not a liquid because liquid is a higher chance of spilling all over my stuff now, this is tissue aka toilet paper because a lot of times toilet paper is actually a luxury in many countries. So, this is a spare pillowcase that. I carry with me, this is great for many reasons one if.

I’m in a hostile that’s really dirty. I can use my own pillowcase too if. I need to make a makeshift pillow.

I can just stuff a bunch of clothes in there now, this is a money belt. I am kind of indifferent to it because. I am camping.

I am sleeping with my stuff. I want to keep a money belt with me just in case now hair dryer is a bit of a luxury item. I also have a portable hair straighteners, but this big, but unfortunately, it’s in the mail now whenever you’re doing any type of backpacking trip, you have to kind of think about where you’re going.

And really plan. And pack accordingly now on this specific trip. I am actually going to be in 30 degree heat in South America.

I’m also going to be in Alpine conditions in Patagonia so. I have a mixture of sunny summer heat. And as well as Alpine cold zero degree weather so.

I have to pack a mixture of everything to be prepared rain jacket we need a good solid rain jacket now, this is a lightweight, it’s a shell. I always bring just a shell on me. And then

I can do layers underneath now, this is a gore-tex shell. So, it’s super heavy-duty uh waterproof because if you’re out there for a couple hours in the rain, you need something super heavy-duty waterproof it also has air vents underneath your arms. So, you can breathe when, you are hiking this is.

So important if you get sweaty like me when wearing a rain jacket and. I King, it’s it’s a not a great combination who might not need some of this winter gear if you are not doing any kind of Alpine hiking that’s where, you have to kind of pick. And plan your trip.

And what you’re packing accordingly if, it’s raining or if, it’s windy. And if, it’s cold my hands are out. And they’re exposed for long periods of time.

I want to make sure they’re covered so. I have a pair of gloves. So these are waterproof gloves they’re pretty flexible so.

I can kind of use all the controls of the camera. And they will keep my hands nice. And toasty.

And warm. So, this is a fantastic all-around item that, you can pack for any weather a buff now buff basically goes many different ways it can do a lot of different things, you can go around your neck it can go around your head it can ground your ears it can go around your wrist. So one of the materials.

I’m going to talk about a lot. And you’re going to see a lot is something called the Mariana wool Mariana is a type of wool, it’s super well known, it’s from New Zealand. And, it’s well known to be super wicking.

And warm the next step. I also have a toque or beanie as some people like to call it with me because again alpine conditions cold. I have a scarf now, this is great for all around everything, you can use a scarf or a lot of different things, you can use as a blanket or just to keep your neck warm.

So all of these items here are meant to be kind of mismatched. And layered. So first off we have my Mariano wool icebreaker vest, this is a super warm vest that is great for when.

I’m doing exercise. And, it’s great to just keep the body fit to keep my core next up. I have these are kind of like my undergarments, this is Mariana wool that.

I can put underneath my layers to keep me warm long-johns long-johns leggings which are marianna wool as well. And that keeps keeps me warm now, this is a specific like sport see outdoor like as well. So, it’s meant to keep me warm when.

I want to be warm. And keep me cool. And dry when.

I want to be cool. And dry now for when I’m not doing exercise.

And outdoorsy stuff. I want to have a nice long sleeve shirt so. I have this, it’s just like a simple sweater, you always want to have something that’s a little bit nicer as a long sleeve or if you go out at night for dinners if it gets a bit cooler.

And put that on socks so. I have two specific hiking socks. And then another Maryana wool more of like a comforting could be hiking, but all just comforting Warsaw now.

I have two bags with me. I’m bringing my backpack add a bag and. I also bring a purse.

I always bring a purse with me on my travels. And, it’s something that. I can kind of squish down.

And take out with me. So say if. I’m going out at night and.

I don’t want to bring my huge day bag. I still have a small purse not because. I’m going to South America.

I’m doing my Cusco Peru day purse but I also have a hard yuku one, this is a fantastic day bag because, it’s just kind of squishes up like that. I’ve taken this backpacking with me before, it’s fantastic for a day bag.

I also have this fake prada one which is what. I use if. I’m like in Europe or something as a typical like evening purse or if you’re not big into purses, you can also just bring a clutch.

So, this is just a small clutch that, you could take out if you’re not a big purse person flip-flops good for hostel bathrooms. I’m bringing hiking boots on this Trek because. I’m doing a lot of hiking, but normally if.

I’m not to make hiking. I will bring a pair of running shoes next. I have my daytime shoes.

So these are my everyday walk around shoes. I always go for vans. I’ve literally gone through like six pairs of vans because they just fit my feet really well.

And they’re great for walking around during the day these are my luxury shoe these may or may not make it into my final backpacking typically if. I’m doing something where. I know.

I’m going to be going out to a lot of clubs or something then. I like to bring a wedge or a heel if. I know.

I’m going to be going out because she was get dirty. I like to have individual bags for each of my shoes that. I bring then

I have socks oh. I’m bringing six pairs of socks. I like to keep more of the darker socks because they tend to not look as dirty.

So here. I have my makeup bag my first-aid kit. And my toiletries now.

I’m not going to go through what. I put in these because these are actually separate posts which. I’m going to link down below in the description or, you can click up their flashlights, this is a must for any kind of travel, this is a portable fork knife.

And spoon kit, this is brilliant for travel because a lot of times you’re eating on the road and, you don’t necessarily have a fork spoon or knife a Swiss Army knife or utility knife this has got like pliers, it’s got all of those knives, this is a very invaluable tool wilderness wipes, this is because. I’m doing hiking trips specifically these are just great to kind of like clean your body off from a day of travel we’ve got heavy duty bug spray now, this is a huge container of bug spray because mosquitoes are literally the worst thing in the entire world they carry. So many diseases with them.

So having heavy duty bug spray is pretty important also people always steal this from, you as a traveler if you have bug spray people are always going to ask. And steal your bug spray now this isn’t something. I typically bring on a backpacking trip, but because.

I’m going hiking in the alpine regions we’re camping there’s going to be a lot of tricks. And we’re going to be drinking a lot of different stream water. I need purification tablets, it’s basically removes all the viruses extra bacteria.

And all that nasty stuff and, this is just filter that makes the water does not taste really gross athletic shirts so. I have two different athletic shirts here these are great for working out. And any kind of activities.

I bring this regardless of the trip that. I’m taking a bathing suit if. I’m going to specifically go into like a beach year climate where.

I know there’s going to be a lot more beaches. I would typically bring two bathing suits instead of this one, but. I’m not really planning on a lot of beaches on this trip.

So just one is fine for me athletic shorts these are going to be my trekking shorts and. I’ve got two sports bras for all of my activities now. I’m going to introduce, you to the magical beauty of packing called packing cubes, but before.

I get started on these cubes which. I will show, you, this is my underwear cube. So first off ladies let me explain to, you the beauty of bra let’s roll let’s are amazing for backpackers because they are packable.

So if you can bring draw let’s instead of regular bras they will just make your packing that much easier in this packing cube here. I’ve got three bra let’s and. I’ve got ten pairs of underwear underwear is not something.

I like to skimp on. I always like to make sure that. I have a clean pair of underwear for every day that.

I’m traveling so. I can usually go ten days is a good amount of time to go before. I will typically need a laundry mat.

I will aim to do my laundry before ten days, this is sleek where, it’s just a pair of comfortable shorts. And a t-shirt. So my everyday clothes.

I’m bringing to tank style shirts. And for t-shirts these are just regular t-shirts that. I’m going to bring with me.

So right now. I have four pairs of shorts that. I’m packing when.

I pack all this up. I actually might cut this down to just three pairs and. I might leave one of the jean shorts behind.

So I’d like to bring one pair of long jeans with me too so. I can like dress up. And look nice typically normal like evening time.

I like to just wear jeans, this is a vest. I love this because this can completely dress up a typical t-shirt. And shorts item.

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, this is my long pant romper as, you call it, this is probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. I’ve ever come across in my travels. I highly recommend getting yourself a lightweight romper because, this is great for hot weather, you can dress it up.

So, you can wear it out at a club or an event and, you can also dress it down. And be casual in it. I wear this thing a lot in the nighttime.

So, this is just a kind of a three-quarter length dress another thing, it’s just for evening wear don’t forget evening wear when you’re out backpacking, you can’t stuff backpacking clothes because, you will want to wear something nice sometimes. So having nice clothing couple pieces of nice clothing is, you know very much recommended alright guys. So now we are in carry-on bag time now everything that.

I’m going to show, you that. I put in my carry-on bag. I only carry it in my carry-on bag when.

I’m in transit. So when I’m traveling to.

And fro and. I have all my stuff packed up if. I’m taking this out on a day trip.

I’m not going to carry all this gear with me now, this is the bag that. I use. I use several different carry-on bags throughout the times, but because.

I’m going on a more trekking trip. I wanted something with a hip strap. And like heavy-duty more of a trekking carry-on photo bag, this is a photo specific bag meaning that it has a pocket here on the side that has padding for my camera gear again this isn’t necessary if you’re not bringing a big camera but.

I am so. I have a specific camera compartment in my carry-on bag we’ve got important documents we got my passport. So, this is a passport case.

So in here. I’ve got my passport and. I’ve got my travel vaccinations next.

I have a notebook to jot down all of my thoughts etc a notebook is always really important to have. I got some pens. And then, this is all of my documentation required for my trip reading material, this is my Spanish in 30 days.

And Spanish phrase book. I like to have reading material with me sometimes to bring a book, but now. I’m trying to learn Spanish some mints.

I like to keep a little bit hand lotion a little bit of lip balm powder because my face gets oily. So then. I have all my jewelry with me because.

I don’t like to put that in my check bag these are just blotting sheets that is all the rest. So those are my rings those are the rest of my jewelry that. I’m going to bring with me we have my laptop that’s pretty splat Tori power chords.

I always carry my power chords to all my electronics in my a carry-on bag in transit if my main bag gets lost which it has before if. I have my cords if. I have my plugs and.

I could still do. I could still film. I can still have my computer everything.

I can still use all my electronics. I just don’t have clothes usually which isn’t a big deal portable hard drive. I like to have one that has this one is like a one of those like drop proof thing hard drives.

And, it’s got like the squishy ends. I don’t really recommend this brand, it’s not the best portable hard drive, but something with like protective edges is a good idea travel adapters. I usually carry two of these with me on my travels.

And in my again also in my carry-on because. I might need plugs right away this one’s like a crazy multi country one depending on where. I go a pair of sunglasses here in my case we got my cell phone just the iPhone two foam.

I have a hat. I will only bring one hat with me. And.

I’m going to wear that when I’m in transit then we’ve got all of this gear now. I’m not going to go through all the specifics of the gear because again.

I make this post too long. And that is in a completely different post. So then all that will go into my cam bag.

I also carry a tripod a gorilla prod and, this is a grab bag of GoPro accessories in here. And this goes in my big bag as well. So that’s it that is everything.

I’m going to pack up with me now let’s pack it up okay. So packing our main bag first things first we’re going to open this up. And.

I’m gonna put in my tripod since, this is the most Awkward item now if you don’t carry a tripod then don’t worry about this step. I’m going to try. And put the heaviest things kind of and, you want to kind of aim for the heaviest things in the back.

And then to the middle back because that’s going to be closest to your back then. I’m going to take my toiletries I’ll take my makeup then. I’ve got my GoPro accessories.

And then on top. I’m going to put my first-aid kit as well as my rain cover because. I want those to be super easy to access if.

I need them take another packing cube here shoes. So these were my vans the protective waterproof case. And.

I’m gonna put my vans here on the side. I’m going to take my towel. And then stuff my towel in that corner there.

And. I’m kind of just gonna do this with the rest of the stuff kind of mismatched like figuring out fitting the each. And every one of the little pieces in.

And then obviously. I have my locks which. I would put on there.

And there we go there we have my entire backpack pack now there is little bits of room here. And there don’t forget. I did not forget what.

I was going to wear on the plane. So now. I put some clothes aside.

So when I’m taking a plane. I will always wear my hiking boots, but if.

I am not taking a plane. And. I’m just in transit and.

I don’t want to wear my hiking boots, this is where this carabiner comes in and. I will just clip my hiking boots onto my backpack oaken straps. And strap them in.

So they’re nice. And strapped in plus they’re clipped in from the top. So they’ll kind of hang on like that, it’s an easier way for me to carry my hiking boots carry-on bag packing time there we go.

So we got my man Cameron we got my laptop in. And. I’m gonna kind of fit around everything else then

I will clip my water bottle onto here. And kind of tighten it in there. So it doesn’t wiggle around careful that, it’s not going to get bashed by the Gorillapod.

So I’ll screw it in there then. I will take those clip them down. And there we go all that into my carry-on as option number two.

And now, this is an option. I do. And is to have my purse.

So while. I could fit all the items. I needed into my carry-on bag what.

I typically like to do is actually carry my purse if. I’m checking my big bag in to the airport. I like to carry my small purse now originally at the beginning of this.

I said. I was going to bring this purse, but now. I’ve changed my mind.

And. I’m actually going to bring my heart jakku purse, it’s a little bit more flexible. And it is bigger now if.

I was to do option number two what. I would typically do is unload items such as my passport that’ll go in there. I would have maybe my notebook let go in there my phone.

And my camera as well as my wallet just makes it a little bit nicer not as jam-packed to carry. So that is option number two. And last pile of one to direct, you to was did not make it pile because.

I’m actually packing as. I’m filming this there were things that just did not make the cut for this packing session. And there we go there is all the stuff going to be taking on my trip.

So we got my big bag we’ve got my day bag. And we’ve got my purse if. I carry it if not that I’ll be put in there.

And then, this is what. I’m gonna wear. So let me quickly change.

And I’ll show, you what it looks like on. And there, you go, this is the final product we have my day bag here turtle up on the body we have my side bag if. I’m using my side bag if not all those can compartments all that stuff would be put into here.

And then. I got my main bag just like that. So all nice.

And turn up. And that’s how I look anyways thank you.

So much for reading this post. I hope, you enjoyed it if you did please get a thumbs up. And don’t forget to comment to my blog for more travel tips that’s all okay happy travels.

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