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Hi welcome to my brand new trial series hahaha.

So basically. I wanted to create this travel series because. I get a lot of questions.

And dumb comments from, you guys asking about my trips how I planned them how do, you plan your own trips out where go just basically a whole spiel of questions travel can be very very overwhelming sometimes especially if you are planning a lot of things on your own. So that’s why.

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I’ve created this series we’re going to break down each of those. I guess aspects of planning our own trip. And really be able to answer your questions to kind of guide, you.

And and take it step by step. So we’re not too overwhelmed all the sudden with the massive amounts of information. And things need to plan.

So basically if you are just starting to think about travels this post is for, you because. I think a lot of people get stuck in that phase in between wanting to take a trip. And then actually deciding.

And starting to plan, this is an interactive travel series, you guys can follow along with me seriously we’re planning a trip together how amazing is that. So ground pen grab a piece of paper. And let’s get started.

So in this episode we are going to decide where should we go where should we go. I know it seems like a very basic simple question, but a lot of people don’t necessarily know when they first want to start travel. So write this down on a piece of paper, you were going to make a list from 1 to 10.

And we are going to put our 10 top 10 countries that we’re going to want to visit we’re not necessarily going to visit all of them on this one trip if we decide that we’re traveling. And we decide we want to go to multiple countries we might do a few or we might just stick to one. And really see it enjoy.

And take our time obviously. I’m not gonna be able to list all the countries that fit in each of these categories, but it will kind of get, you wanna idea of where to start looking for the kinds of trip you’re looking to take if, this is our very first first trip. And we’re looking for something not too out of our comfort zone kind of something a little bit more first-time friendly then

I would say try places like New Zealand the USA Canada the UK Singapore Hawaii Australia are we looking for a luxurious vacation a luxurious travel trip. So these are, you destinations like France Italy Barbados Dominican Republic Fiji Australia Vegas the Caribbean or French Polynesia for backpackers. And budget friendly folks we’ve got Thailand New Zealand Laos Croatia Czech Republic Greece Spain do we want to see architecture.

And really dive into the culture of a city or country or visiting we shake out places like France Sweden Canada Cambodia the Czech Republic Vietnam Italy Beijing if we’re looking for beaches we could try out to Greece Fiji Australia Mexico Spain Brazil Jamaica are we are we a bit of a foodie. And interested in trying all the different local cuisines as much in this many different varieties. And flavours as possible the USA Thailand China Argentina Germany Brazil are, you just looking to experience a culture shock something that’s just.

So different than what you’re used to China India Brazil Indonesia Vietnam are we adrenaline adventure junkies well then, you would probably get a kick out of New Zealand Switzerland Norway Canada Austria or Laos are, you interested in seeing natural beauty the mountains the lakes the oceans just beautiful beautiful locations. And and. And landscapes.

And in a Switzerland Norway the Galapagus Croatia Peru Brazil. And Australia okay. So obviously those aren’t all the countries in the world, but it gives, you kind of a good place to start.

So with your list make sure, you write down ten of the countries that, you want to visit or cities or destinations save that list. And we’re going to come back to it next week for my next episode thank, you guys. So so much for reading.

And please let me know how, you feel about this post. And what, you want to see from future posts these are where. I’m going to be answering all of your questions in regards to travel.

And plan your own trips. And anything that, you could possibly wonder they didn’t really be answered in future posts. So let me know down below in the comments what, you want to see.

And your specific questions so. I can answer them see. I make sure, you scrub to my blog to see this post and.

I guess other types posts. I do yeah alright bye oh hey guys what’s up welcome to Chintu China. ?

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