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Hey back in Venice, and about to head out to Florence on the train hello I have arrived in Florence I haven’t seen much of the city yet.

Because, I’m trying to just find my Airbnb right now, I’m really excited to see it. Because it’s actually in a restored 12th century monastery which it’s amazing. So hello I’ve gotten to my Airbnb, and it is so pretty gonna go, and see the city now and, I’m meeting up with my friends later for coffee that’s really all I do right go to my cape ready to you I am in front of the Santa Maria Cathedral I had no idea that this Cathedral is gonna look like this it’s I’ve only seen one side of it really. So before I had said that the Duomo in Milan was my favorite that I seen. So far. But I think this one might take its place this is actually one of my favorite moments in Europe.

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So far kind of in shock right now in a good way I don’t even know what to say about it just wow. So I finished my night kind of in Florence suddenly got really cold. So, I’m glad that I have this is now. So my friend, and I it was really nice we went to dinner, and then we went to coffee, and then we went to look for wine, and then we got gelato, and we got pastries. So yeah now, I’m heading back. Because it’s very cold outside it’s kind of late, and dark oh I found these guys what’s Jordan bye-bye okay Hey it is another day in Florence go ahead, and friend the Statue of David now really. Because I did about that I waited in line for three hours that statue.

Because it was definitely a priority up later the water now trying to find the bridge I am really loving it in Florence just walking around it’s um in a way seems like a very small town. Because it’s just very pretty with a lot of little streets, and it’s kind of quaint, and then it also has very large striking architecture which I love, and it’s a good combination I really like it here, and not one of the other places that I wanted to come is the Ponte Vecchio they have all of these quaint little cute shops along the bridge you.

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